Saturday, October 29, 2011

Twas a Satisfying Saturday

Twas a satisfying Saturday morning that is...Up before the break of dawn and the Critters followed me into the kitchen...took out their water bowls from the darling dishwasher (she does her job every nite) and filled their bowls with their treated water..( I add a tablespoon of lemon juice to cleanse their kidneys).. and then let the crew out for their wee morning routine...then I put on my pot of coffee to perk..and lean back and listen to the wee morning news...

A little later on Clancy called..(he's my man on the job) to let me know he would be over to put those plants in the ground..woo hoo...and so it was. The hibiscus, and knock out roses got planted he removed 4 old hedges from the it's beginning to shape up nicely..and tomorrow I'll post some pictures (hopefully)

Morning had a little mist and that wasn't too bad cause the sun came out and I felt good...yeah I need a little dab of fact the bird feeder was busy but still the Cardinals haven't got it right..they look and try but still not setting in at morning and night...guess they are just a little bit unsure of the new setup..but soon I know they'll be up to their old tricks...ah but the hummers have been busy..I have only two that come and buzz right by me in fact one of them makes that strange sound and even does a double loop around me when I'm by the feeder...neato...I did ask as he buzzed by.."Hey, you staying for the winter "..:::::????? HA !

Tonight was not much just had to gather up the meds for the week and I have my list for Monday...need to make appointment for Abby to have a blood work up as the med I'm giving her she needs a liver check...and also I'll set up an appointment for Zeke for his EKG  but not due for 2 more months..but need to make sure if the Doc can do it or I need to be referred to the Tampa center which has a annex here in the Villages..

Kind of getting into the swing now and not having those empty feelings with hubby not being around..kind of takes us a few weeks and I tell him by the time I realize he's not here I'm too tired to think ..

Chatted with hubby today and "Surprise" we have snow ..I mean he has snow...and boy I don't miss it..however I do love the first snow after that well I'm here and he's there...enjoying the snow blowing...eeewwww...I'll watch it on TV and smile and think about when I was a kid and how much I loved it..then think again and understand why when you get older you get wiser ! :)

Pretty much staying low key and Joe is settling in..well he's still doing those strange falls off the couch and bed..thank goodness this floor is well padded with carpet....I don't panic now I just wait to see if he gets up... crazy but for a few times I thought I fell..cause I know my stomach did..

Bed time and I'm ready for it.. I go into the count down mode as I have to wait to 10pm to give Zeke his last meds..and boy we are all I look over everyone has their spot..and I have to make my way in...a little push here and there and then the big tuck...

Life is good and everyday my Adventures take me down different paths ..even though I'm not driving my roads do have many cross ways...

God Bless

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