Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Just Me and the Critters 4 on Tuesday

Just me and the Critters 4 on Tuesday... it was a busy day for me..Hubby back home in Pa and Me and the Crew had to huff it :)  yeah, I got use to saying, "Can you please "..now it's "get off your duff and get busy"  and so I was .

Expecting that dang storm had my nerves a popping..every time I heard the new I was frozen in place..making sure not to miss one message and yes, there was the trusty weather radio that went off a few times..had me make a mad dash to the back of the house..Ok, I"m out of breath..if it's coming (the storm) we'll  just to keep alert..

As they say, "Watch the sky" but then I start to think about it..How can I watch at night or better yet..I'm inside the house..where do I look up..maybe out the window..ok I can do that..so I'll sit on the couch and keep a lookin up...but my neck starts to hurt...I mean I'm lookin and listenin' and all of a sudden I'm tired.

So I gets up and make a big pot of chili ..that will keep me busy..runnin' too..Hahaha...but I'll be up and down and in and out..and here comes the news again...Gawd this can run you crazy..gots to be a better way...

Watched the X Factor tonight and I have to say..."I'm disappointed..although a couple got in I liked but boy they sure made some big mistakes in their cuts...Am I really gonna like this now ??? dunno..but we'll see..I'm beginning to like "The Voice "  better...at least you see the challenges..and they are really good...we'll see Simone ...we'll see ..

It's bed time everyone has gone out without getting soaked..my prayers were answered as my Joe is not really doing well and I'm worried with him being so weak now and if raining..he won't handle that well... another day is ending and talked with hubby.. He has to leave for Boston in the morning and bad weather is now heading up his way...Will keep him in my prayers till I hear from him when he lands...

Good night to all..and on to tomorrow...God Bless

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