Sunday, October 9, 2011

What a Revolting Development for Sunday

What a Revolting Development for Sunday !  Now you think all was settled after the rig got home...well you'd be whistling Dixie for certain... and you ought to no better.. I mean after we worked out butts off getting things done.. Hubby went up to CVS on Saturday night to pick up my scripts...but before that he had went over to pick up a new battery for the car..then did the pick up on the scripts came home and the poor guy was exhausted..

Sat down and I looked in the bag..(scripts) YES, they were missing 5 of my meds..omg here we go again..well he got there and the pharmacy was closed..locked up ..done hit the highway for home.. CVS where I am closes at 6pm and here I am missing meds..CHIT....I called the store and the mgr..(what's with the attitudes) gives me the..well you'll have to wait for tomorrow..sorry Charlie and hangs up.. even after I explained what happen... 

I mean I had called these in the beginning of the week ..remember I got the OK for a Vacation script..and when I spoke with the young girl and even handed her new scripts for the time I'm away..everything was gonna be OK..yeah same old chit.. How do these idiots get to keep a job and good people are out of work...Did my blood pressure go sky high...YOU BETCHA...

I was so ticked off I felt the steam come right out of my head..then my hubby says.."Hey, let's try the other CVS that's open 24 hours and see if they will fill the rest of the got on the Internet and looked up the number and called....God Bless that Pharmacist.. I explained to him what happened and he was so apologetic  and the worst part was.. I couldn't give him the numbers as these were on new hopefully they were in the system..

Out the door my hubby runs...We are so brain beat from all that has gone wrong and trying to make a wrong right..and all at our expense..Don't even want to go into that part..cause that I know I'd have a major break will all settle when we are on the road..if we ever get there ?????

Someone asked me a while ago regarding my blog.."You are good and telling stories, how do they come to you"..?   Well here's the facts...They are FACTS that me on a daily basis.. I guess I was born with a curse of "Chit is gonna happen to you"  or if  you believe you have to come back to make a wrong right.. I'm gonna live to 10000s... cause these wrongs are always coming my way.. My thing is I try to deal with it and make humor so I can get through it... but it's been getting pretty hairy lately..
My poor hubby is gonna be glad when he comes back to an empty house..cause all he'll have to do is go to work..feed the bird..make his dinner and watch tv..and do what ever the hell he wants...Me, I'm in for a show down fighting the nonsense..cause I ain't a gonna let this get away from me ..someone needs to have an awakening..This has been in the "coming"  almost like "Vengeance is mine "

We were so tired we barely ate and come morning it's gonna be another trial and tribulations I'm sure..can't wait..We did just give each other the "Look" and I know I could hardly sleep..

Here it is morning and I'm looking at things a little different..well trying too.. I need to just be happy we are gonna head out and once I get past the state line  I'll even feel better... Gonna have my coffee and pretty soon hubby will be getting up.. Will give the critters a light breakfast and all their meds..then it's connect the car to the rig and then Lord Willin..shove off..

Please keep us in your you see we surely need every bit..Angels I sure hope you all are on board..and Lord, please forgive me for all those nasty thoughts I had going... Hate is sickness..but I've been mighty sick lately..

Psst..can't leave till we go back to the main CVS and have them release the "new" scripts..the other pharmacy filled my scripts but we had to pay full due to a screw up ..cause yeah you know ..human error..DUH.. We'll be leaving now at 10am instead of 5am..big difference..but no one got injured, just ticked off..

God Bless All


  1. Being able to laugh at things (and blog about them) probably helps a lot in keeping blood pressure under control. Business's don't seem to understand customer service. Have a great trip, 10AM is better than after lunch.

  2. Wishing you safe and uneventful travels. See you in FL!