Saturday, October 15, 2011

Sanctuary Saturday

Sanctuary Saturday it surely was.. only thing we did today was clean up inside the motor home ..emptying the cabinets and take it over and fill up with Gas add a can of Stale Gas then drive over and park it for the time I'm here. Yes, we sprayed Ant and Uncle all the cabinets and in the side well where the electrical wire is stored plus sprayed the tire wall too..

Most of the day today was a "Nothing" kind of day.. Bob and Diane came over and we discussed the "Bird Feeder" it's location and yes, we have feed waiting to go in.. Where I'm putting it Betsy should be able to see the action as well.. It's a double sided feeder..

I'm dealing with a "cold", oh yeah !  I got me a cold in my NOSE and I'm taking Tylenol (well a CVS brand as you can't find Extra Strength) and it seems to be helping I am taking my "naps"...even took one tonight my blankie on and like turning off a light...Out I WENT..

Tomorrow will be some what busy as hubby will be heading back home on Monday..YIKES our time went fast..but it has been a good together time..even with the Nonsense..we've found humor..

Oh, hubby put up that Screenie thingy.. I'll take pictures of it it doesn't fit like a glove because of my screen door..but it does work and Zeke and Abby go through with ease..the little ones..Joe and Reba..they're not sure..but it will help in the day time for me.

Now I'm ready to hit the "HAY" as tomorrow will come swiftly and the race will be on.. I still have stuff in a corner to sort through and put away..and there is lots of boxes (Diane will be happy) to put out to for it's Good night, Sleep tight, and don't let the Bed Bugs Bite..

God Bless

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