Saturday, October 22, 2011

Blessing on Saturday

Blessing on truly was.. I woke up with Joe by my side and it was like he was a "new dawg"..he was alert and let me know he had to go out...although he is wearing a diaper...He wanted it's me and him at thing I knew the rest of the crew was up and on I turn the back light and Joe walked around like nothing was happening..he was still a little weak on balance more "squirts"...Oh Lord thank you for this morning cause I don't know if I could have lasted another day...

We all then went back to bed and Joe even snored....All I can say is "Thank you ..all of you for keeping us in your prayers cause he and I were truly fact later on Diane called and picked up some groceries for me..and my next door neighbor Holly yelled over and wanted to know if I wanted to go with her to the Leesburg Market...Holy Hannah..what a great morning .

Me and Joe and Reba snuggled in the big chair and next thing I knew it was noon time.. I mean I had my coffee at 6am and the crew had breakfast at 7:30am with their meds and Joe went out again..even let me know he wanted out...of course the little chit thought he could make it down the steps..OUCH..we won't talk about that mistake...but when we came the chair we all went.. the biggies were on the floor room in my chair..although Zeke partly leaned on the ottoman..HELLO THERE BIG BOY !!

I watched out my window the escaped of the Squirrels as they attempted to try and get to the bird feeder..let me tell ya was a sight to watch.. I giggled..and boy they don't give up..even one thought of dropping from the tree branch but gave it another thought...psst that tree branch is mighty thin and soon I'll have it taking chances with this group..

So later on again we all napped..we all were on the same plateau..beat, exhausted and to pooped (ooops ) to my day was mainly sleep, nap and sleep so more..yeah I was a SLUG...but I think I earned it..

Truly a blessing that's all I can say.. I was so mentally wiped out and cried out and just couldn't function ...The Lord does help you get through things and when it's time for Joe..I know the Lord will also be there for me too !

Now guess what.. I'm a gonna go to bed.. I need my beauty sleep...Hahaha

Thank you Ali, your hugs felt good ...

God Bless All... {{{{Hugs}}}}} back at cha !

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