Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Heck of a busy Tuesday

Heck of a busy Tuesday...yeah I got up, kind a have no choice cause me blinkin' eyes open automatically...Got my Critters out and ran around the house like I knew I had to make my get away when I could.. So on with the breakfast and coffee...in fact my coffee was so hot I was smokin'.....almost felt like a kettle myself......HA!

Did a quick sneak out and had to run errands and pick up my Chicken Broth (by the looks of it I bought for the year) and had to make a pit stop at the bank..When I got to the Dollar Tree (I really like that store) all the Christmas goodies were being displayed..so I picked up so cute little ornaments...then came the surprise..The Chicken Broth...the Mgr had me (you'll all laugh at this) 6 cases ...yes ! 6 cases of Chicken Broth...but the best part was they weren't in a case they were loose...HOLY HANNAH .....

I stood there looking and thinking ...Where in the world am I gonna put all this.?...and then the next thought was...How am I gonna carry all this ?...and then the nice young girl proceeds to put them 4 in a bag..hence I had many, many bags ....am I ever gonna need Chicken Broth again...Don't think so..not this year anyway....Well truth be told.. when I make up Joe and Reba's food for the month.. I use 4 containers...but Abby and Zeke I use 1 container for each batch of rice I make..and I make it every 8 days...whoopie...hahahaha.

Have you all picked yourselves up from the floor cause I know you had to laugh...I did all the way home with a few exceptions...MY CAR ...all the alarms started going off and the ABS light was lit...oh why me ?????? So I called the Chevy dealer in town and have to bring it in Thursday morning....Sucks !!!

However when I got back home I had to sit in the driveway and just shake my head cause the next event was unloading all those bags... OH BROTHER!...I pulled out my trusty Dolly...and slid as much on and got them into the carport..and from there I had to figure another way to load into the house cause steps just bite me big time and I'd have to go up and down many time....maybe ??????? 

Came into the house and poor Joe was on the floor and it wasn't a pretty sight ..he gets really upset when I leave..but he was sleeping ...I thought but Ms Reba tells all..she had her face in the window and was complaining big time....So I cleaned up the mess and Joe and then let all out to stretch their legs..you think I was gone all day...NOT.. I was gone 2 hours total...perhaps I should get me one of those baby wraps..you know the kind that you wrap the baby in and carry on your back..I could just see Joe enjoying that...

He hates when I leave him.. he goes into panic mode...got to work on something to make his and my life easier....back  to the Chicken Broth.. I finally got it into the house and now it's parked in my spare bedroom... and I'm laughing cause the empty spot I did have isn't empty any longer...omg!

Relaxed after I couldn't walk any more and the evening went well...I watched the biggest loser..(gawd I like that show for what they all accomplish) and let everyone out and now I'm ready to go out... I mean lights out !!!

Wait for tomorrow when I get up and look at all that Chicken Broth..62 containers full...shaking my head and laughing..yeah it will last me the whole time I'm here.....Gots to love that Dollar Tree...!

Good night and God Bless All .....

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