Saturday, January 31, 2015

A Start Of A Head Cold On Saturday

A start of a head cold on Saturday...Hey! what can I say, "another adventure...goes with the flow of things... my night was awful as I couldn't sleep and woke up not feeling great and it was the start of my sneezing on into the day..

Got up attempting to clear my head and just kept growing I just did what I could and of course Rudy was gonna be a bit of a problem with his food..something he has never been since day one..but for some reason I guess the taste of raw goods was what he really I figured as my brain storm came on..that if I grind a little of the pork and along with his moistened kibble that might help.. so I did..and that boy done gobbled it up like it was no tomorrow...Woo hoo....could this be the trick...we'll see come dinner time .

So at least that part of my morning wasn't all a wash out..and I drug on through my day..sneezing and blowing my nose feeling like a dish rag but still trying to get through it... kept up with the Tylenol every 4 hours I didn't want it to go into anything more.. made sure I drank too and did eat my lunch.. made a burger on toast..and didn't drink any milk.. just a decaf cola..

Come evening.. I'm still pushing them Tylenols..hey, if they can keep me from getting the traditional aches and slight fever..I'm all for it.. but I did make sure I didn't push myself and when I put the brats up I laid on the couch with a cover..slept a little..

Dinner time I'm ready for Rudy.. I took the chicken thigh and took a hunk of the meat off it and put it in my ninja and then added a cup of moistened kibble and gave it a swirl.. then put his chicken thigh on normal I feed him the chicken thigh with 1 cup of kibble at night.. and ta daaaaaaaa he gobbled every bit down... so got through today with his meals..and will attempt the same thing tomorrow.. got to get him back in the swing of eating properly.

Had Shug out for a bit but she was gonna be a pistol..not really being a good girl..oh not tonight she had mischief on her mind..and me not feeling that great.. I wasn't gonna let her get into too much... so she was out for about an hour and I put her up.. and I laid back down on the couch and covered up drifted a bit..till MIss Annie let me know it was out time and bed time.

Made sure I wore my jacket and they were in and out quickly thank goodness.. put Sapphire to work (that's my dishwasher) and got their treat and we headed back to the bedroom.. they know I'm not feeling well so they are being so good...look out it won't last LOL

Just turned on my electric blanket and getting ready to go under cover .. took more Tylenol and hope I kick this fast... tomorrow is the 1st of Feb already and it's heart worm I got that all set out for breakfast for Annie and Rudy..

So the rest is on with the show... those traveling STay Safe and as always God Bless Us All... pray my head cold don't last long..

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