Wednesday, January 14, 2015

What Did I Do On Wednesday ?

What did I do on Wednesday?  .. well I know I had a good night sleep..Miss Annie didn't get up till almost 5am..and from there I cleaned my kitchen which sometimes gets completely catawampus .. I do mean it ..hahaha...then I decided the day was looking gloomy and I was almost out of corn muffins and no chocolate chip cookies..oh and I had Sausage in the frig I had to use plus onions and peppers...

So my morning was..feed brat then Ms Shug and from there I was cooking ala NuWave...Yes, I really like the convenience of that machine..and clean up is such a my morning went well...

Afternoon I kind of sat and waited to hear from Randy as to how my Rudy did.. now I wasn't expecting any thing major but I wanted Rudy to improve and get his act he shows Friday, Saturday and Sunday and then he's home with me till he grows up.. and fills out.. 

Spotting him was all we had planned with hopes that perhaps he might collect a few points..but he got a lot of reserves..however he was learning the tricks of the I'll be so glad to get my boy home..I really miss him and so does Miss Annie..but she's missing him cause she loves to jump on him and show him she's the boss..she is a BRAT!

I made Italian Sausage and Peppers and Onions boy was that good.. I have enough for several sandwiches so you know my lunch times are gonna be good !!!

Watched American Idol..and then had Ms Shug out for a bit ..she's getting so much better with me.. still not too cuddly like she is with Robert..but likes for me to scratch her and is good now about getting her claws done..

So it's time for me to head to bed..and prepare for going to the dog shows on Friday and Sunday.. need to do some work ahead..and it's that 6am leaving that's killer.. also will make up some pasta and chicken parm to bring to Randy and Terry...

With that..those traveling stay safe and as always God Bless Us All..  

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