Thursday, January 22, 2015

Hitting Home Base On Thursday !

Hitting home base on Thursday..!   I guess I could have said, "Three Strikes and your OUT "...sure enough I was out .. I mean woke up this morning and Miss Annie was hacking in time to catch up to Rudy...:(

Last night I didn't get much sleep as poor Rudy was hacking his brains loose..I felt so bad for I wished I would have started the meds as soon as I got him home..Oh well, no use crying about it..but he's on meds and now so is Miss Annie..

Most the day was dragging trash out..things I found I didn't need and stuff that I didn't even know what it was..yeah, those things seem to appear out of no where..

Weather wise it wasn't bad at all ..I had my door open most the day and ceiling fans going because I wanted to circulate the air...nothing like stagnant air to help Kennel cough..ugh ...hate that crap!

Had my crock pot going for BBQ pork..and of couse to make for the freezer.. I like those deals.. it's cook now and not for a while later on hahaha...hey, I admit if I can get good food and not have to cook..but I did, but later on..see my simple mind thinks those things out  hahaha..

Oh, I got a neat picture that was taken of Rudy when he was in Ocala show..I didn't even know about it till I got the proofs in and then I ordered the picture..It's really an awesome shot of Rudy and Randy in action..

I've been keeping Annie and Rudy in their crates pretty much only out for short periods of time due to the fact they are coughing and they'll want to play and couch all the it's best they take it easy..this is not an easy task..

They are both now eating good no more surprises..thank the Lord and I sure can't wait till Rudy starts to feel better so I can start to do a little road work with him..feeding him the raw pork and raw chicken tends to build mass and weight so I need to make sure he stays firm..

Watched American Idol again tonight wasn't least this time they seem to be stepping it up a notch on talent..sure hope when they decide to make their cuts they do the right move..

Ok, now I'm ready to get into bed..need to run into CVS to pick up script tomorrow and also need to stop at Winn favorite place..LOL..

So those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All...

Here's the picture of my Rudy !!!

OH and I never got to post the picture of Miss Annie on her 1 year old birthday..I caught her in the bathroom ready to steel those cap covers over the bolts to the toilet..LOL...Here's Miss Annie :)


  1. He is so handsome! Love that Miss Annie is sitting in the bathroom. That girl is too cute!

    1. Linda, She (Miss Annie) is truly a piece of work..and my Rudy..well, he's a love..They make my days go by quickly..Oh and Ms I have to start taking more pictures of her...She is a character and makes all kinds of imitations....the vacuum cleaner is her favorite hahaha..