Thursday, January 8, 2015

Off To The Dog Show On Thursday

Off to the dog show on Thursday...and boy was it bitter cold..a chill factor of 20 degrees..and in sunny Florida..Shazaaaam !

Went to bed early and woke up at 1am ..guess I was thinking it was 5am..but nope so I tucked back in and prayed I wouldn't over sleep..I didn't..Me and Miss Annie were wide awake and busy tail (she has no tail hehehe)..and even got Ms Shug up..which she wasn't happy about..but we had to leave here by a little after 6am.

So the race was on..and of course the wind was blowing and I was stumbling along the knees were not going to co operate..them buggers !!!  But I managed to get my stuff packed and out the door me and Miss Annie went..

Now thank goodness I have heated seats in my car cause I didn't get chance to heat the car up..and Miss Annie's crate does have carpet in the I knew she'd be she had her chew bone..of course it was pitch black out..ack!!

Down the road we drove, heat started to come on as I had it on the air would circulate all over..instead of that blast on your legs or face..and got right on I 75..had my mug of hot tea..was a little bit worried for coffee and my stomach was in knots..

Got to the show site and got a parking spot in the handicap area..of course when I went to ask where ring 3 was..the people working the gate weren't thrilled to even talk..of course not they were freezing..but as I sat in my spot I looked around and saw the sign ..Ring 3..and I also saw there was parking over on the other side of I asked the one guy..could I move up as I was handicapped and I'd never make the walk carrying my chair and bags..he obliged thank goodness..and I looked up and ring 3 was to the right of my car..OK.. if push comes to shove I can sit in here..

Also because it was so bitter cold there was no way I was gonna bring Annie out to sit in I was leaving her in the car with the windows cracked..and from where I was going to be I could use my remove to open the slide door and windows..but she was cozy and being really good..(thank you Lord).

Finally the show started and I walked over to the ring with my chair and there was Randy with Rudy..yep, Rudy was happy to see me..but he was shrivering..poor boy.. Randy smiled and said, "Rudy is acting like a butt hole"..uh oh !!..yeah he was..all of a sudden he's giving the other male dogs a little bit of grumble...probably he's tired of Miss Annie doing a number on now it's his turn...

ONce in the ring ..Rudy wasn't himself.. I didn't like how he was acting or showing...he just wouldn't stand still.but the wind was ripping through.. more like he wasn't happy about being in that bitter cold...and the judge..what a jerk he was..examining the bite..he was counting teeth..had almost all the dogs down on the grown with when I looked again..the man had on dark sunglasses..perhaps he couldn't see...what ever it was...what a jerk cause with these dogs..he might created the dog to bite...Idiot is all I can say...

Well, Rudy placed second and that was that.. I then got up..told Randy I had something for him and I'd meet him back at his rig.. said, bye to those around me and got to my car..Miss Annie was happy cause we were going home.. Stopped by Randy and told him I'd see him on Sunday..then drove home..

I was so cold it took me forever to get the chill out of my bones..and Miss Annie was so happy to be home..she snuggled up with me on the couch and slept for a couple of hours...Home sweet home... but unreal for Florida.. if it would have rained it would have been snow !!!  FACT !!!!!!!

Most of the day I just didn't do much.. Ms Shug was complaining about being up too early...LOL  so tonight she was happy that lights were going out...and of course I have to tomorrow make a quick run to Winn Dixie ..I'm out of greens and a few things for Ms Shug..and will pick up some country ribs to make BBQ..

Watched American Idol tonight and they had some really good singers..I wasn't sure I wanted to watch it..but when Biggest Loser went off I took a peek..glad I did..but sure hope they get better talent then last years..

I'm tired and electric blanket is you know I am gonna just slide into home base...So those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

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