Saturday, January 3, 2015

Suffering Empty Nest Syndrome On Saturday

Suffering Empty Nest Syndrome on Saturday.. I sure is..The big guy and the big boy left the building...:(...Robert left wee early to catch his flight back to Philly and my boy Rudy left for a (2) Two week it's just me and the girls..Ms Shug, Miss Annie and Me, Zeee !!  You know it's gonna be a lot going on for sure LOL

First off starting with last night..(didn't think I could let this one go did ya?) Robert and I put the lights out as we were tired and he had an early flight so it's was "Everyone, let's go to bed" and the brats had a great run and fun and Ms Shug got her one on one with the big we were so ready..

Had the TV on listening to the weather/news and off to slumber.. I had just dozed off into a deep plunge ..hearing Rudy snore and Robert harmonizing..Ms Annie chewing her bone..or should I say, "Gnawing"..and deep deep deep I was going...Next thing I hear is this loud crunching sound and Robert jumping up and turning on the HIGH BEAMS...Gawd..."Scotty beam me up"...what in the world..??????

Robert runs around the bed to Annie's crate and I hear him shouting..."Oh NO"!! and a few other words I wasn't quite sure.. I mean in his southern twang they can sound like..????%#@%^@  who knows ????

However, I saw Miss Annie jump on the bed...right across my legs..OUCH...and Rudy jump up and growl...Ok, my brain is on instant replay..but my eyes are not quite focusing in on I hear the crate sliding and bottom tray trying to be pulled out but it's hanging up...

As I'm trying to sit up with a heavy pooch across my's not an easy task.. I then see this weird looking "thing".. not sure just yet but I know it's dark gray of something..UH OH !!!  it's the flooring to Miss Annie's crate..HOLY CRAPPOLA  she done tore it down the middle..

Now these carpets are indoor outdoor heavy stuff and are double sided taped in.. they don't with these big dogs not putting a floor in and just using the pan..they slip and slide..too much can happen...but this happened..Miss Annie decided it must have tasted like Chicken ..(isn't that what they say every time they want you to try something different.."it tastes like chicken")  the big guy was not a happy camper...and neither was I...!!!

Next thing I know Robert takes the pan out and walks to the front of the house mumbling something.. and I ain't going there... so me and Miss Annie are laying on the bed..she ain't moving and neither can I...What seemed like hours, as I call up front..."Hey Robert".....then silence..again I ask.."Hey Robert, what are you doing "?....not a sound..then one more time and I hear the loud roar..OMG !   this is not going to be good...

Robert comes walking in with the pan and what looks like a ball of scotch tape as he is trying to get the sticky stuff off the pan.. he had to use the scotch tape to adhere to the sticking tape..good gravy.. and I look at the clock again... at first it was it's 1:45am..OMG!!!  and we have to be up at 5am..

He then slides the pan back in Miss Annie's crate and tried to pry her off the deal.she ain't I then tell Robert to get her a treat, cause she ain't a gonna way way...hahaha... that's what he all through this Rudy..(my darling) went back to bed and was snoring..gawd he's my kind of boy hahaha..

Finally again it's lights out.. and I swear I laid my head back next thing I knew the alarm went off time to get up...Yes!  I felt like crap..and yes! I planned a nap..but in the meantime I had to get up get Robert up and get him out the door for the limo coming to take him to the airport..

So my day was now gonna be a long one.. got brats fed and Shug taken care of and because it was gonna be such a beautiful day I was gonna wash the patio down and sweep the carport...

Robert called to let me know he was at the airport and everything was ok..gonna get himself something to eat...and I was gonna attempt to take a break and I get a text from Randy (Rudy's handler) and it says, "Can you meet me by the truck stop so I can get Rudy"...HUH ????? Uh Oh !!  here I go again..

Now Randy was suppose to come on Sunday with Terry for dinner and then take Rudy and I had everything prepared to make Lasagna for dinner and to take with them too..I had everything defrosted..UH OH !!!  So I texted back Ok, I can do that...and then I asked...what do I need to bring with me...his reply was dog food..hahaha...well, I had just emptied the big bag into the bins I keep food in..

I asked, "for how many days" figuring he was only gonna be shown 3 but would be staying the answer was (2) weeks..hahaha...OMG...I'll never be able to bag all that...I'll have to run out to Sparr's and pick up a bag of food..

Didn't realize Randy had entered him in more shows..hahaha..OK, I'm off and running the brats out let them potty and hurried in the car..drove down the road picked up the food and then drove to the truck stop as Randy said " He was an hour away"...well he was an hour away but he wasn't leaving just yet..but didn't say that part..hahaha.. so I pulled into the truck stop..

Have you ever just pulled into a T/A truck stop where the buses come in and drop off people and pick up.. and all kinds of people pull in and was the strangest experience..I mean all kinds of strange happening...I watched as Miss Annie and Rudy barked at each wild one...

I wasn't sure if I was gonna be able to hear after this I get a text from Randy.."I'm an hour away"...hahaha..he was if he was just on the way....I texted back.. "Im at the T/A....LOL"...his reply.."OH I was gonna text you when I was leaving "...DUH....?????????????????

Now the best one to that is... I was gonna take a Lasix after Robert left as my legs were swelling...No I wasn't wearing depends either...OMG...I couldn't leave the car with the brats in it as it was hot..and the A/C had to keep I did the dance..YOU GOT IT !

Finally Randy pulls in.. and I'm telling you Rudy was excited to see him..Randy opens the door slips the lead on Rudy and Rudy jumps out all happy and charges into Randy's rig...Randy asks Rudy, "Don't you wanna give your Mommy a kiss" ?,,,,,  he was so anxious to get out of town.. I can't blame him as Miss Annie always does numbers on Rudy....I'd jump out of town if I could too !!

So that was just a little of my night and day..almost like the song..Night and Day you are the ONE ..!!!  Miss Annie sure doubt about it..but I love her so..even though she's as bad as bad can be...almost Bad to the Bone !!!

Now I'm so ready for bed... I need to sleep ..deep sleep..looking over at Miss Annie...she's tucked in..thank goodness...hope she sleeps through the night :)

So with that...Those traveling Stay Safe and as always...God Bless Us All.. !!

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