Sunday, February 1, 2015

Sneezing Into Sunday Too !

Sneezing into Sunday Too !.... through the night my sleep was interrupted with a few wild and heavy sneezing...but no coughing thank goodness (so far)..and as we all woke up for our two timing event...we all looked like we were dragging..

Morning finally and it was setup for my pills of once a week chore..and make my pot of coffee..thank goodness I had made a double batch of corn muffins..Yes! I picked those silicone muffin thingies at Bed Bath & Beyond..and it is Beyond too !..also picked up Robert a set I have to mail those..

I didn't have the umph to really get things going but I knew I had to do that pork up in my Ninja to mix with Rudy's kibble..he's eating and that's the main thing.. so I am bound to do it.. like it or not.. he needs not to go off his food.
Plus today being the 1st of the month.. it was Heart Worm Day.. so I make sure I go in and sit and watch them eat their breakfast with their meds ..they did !  I'm now free from my perch..woo hoo..

After I got the Brats fed and Ms Shug her dosage .. I sat back and enjoyed my hot coffee and of course my toasted (these are small) corn muffins (2)..and they were so good..and the peace and quiet was even better.. and being Sunday morning I get to watch CBS Morning with Charles Osgood!..

Now that's a show I have watched for years.. it's interesting because it hits on many interesting topics..from all over..and I even learn..:)  now that's a good thing !

Today is also a special day.. the Super Bowl..although neither is my favorite team I am routing for the SeaHawks as for what the NE Patriots did.. I still feel they should have never been allowed to play in the super bowl.. my feelings definitely ...

I also get to enjoy the commericals..they are always interesting and Budweiser..well what can any one say..but "Awesome". 

Now it's post time hahaha.. well bed time game still going but I'm not feeling that great.. nose still running and sneezing.. and taking my they say.. "it's 3 days coming, 3 days with you and 3 days leaving"... sure hope it's true..

With that... those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

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