Monday, January 5, 2015

Oh! Me Oh My Oh !!! It's Monday

OH! Me Oh My Oh !!!  It's Monday and the week begins again..with calls from the hubby...when he wakes up then on his way to work and on his way home and those time where I'll have to wake him for early appointments..YEP!  I'm also the SECRETARY IN CHARGE hahaha..

Last night me and Miss Annie had a great night sleep.. she was in her spot with her head on her pillow...(she don't snore just kicks) and I had the electric blanket on ...I noticed she did move in closer..she liked that warmth :)

I woke up again at 4:30am ..she was in the same position..OH She's lovin' this deal...but I did tell her...enjoy it now cause when the big boy comes home you is back in that crate without the padding .

Being it was Monday I had to drag trash out..let me tell you.. it was a full weeks worth and it was huge..hubby had loaded it to capacity.. and Mrs Santa here had to do the "Ho Ho Ho"..thought I was gonna die...I mean was 3 full bags worth..cut up cardboard boxes..(hubby loves doing those) and the carpet that Miss Annie gnawed on ..oh yeah it was heavy..

Did laundry but really dragged doing much of was one of those Blue Mondays I guess..Empty nest too..yeah it was Blue Monday for sure...but I got through it...

Watched the morning news and again today I tweeted my weather man..seems the weather ticker keeps omitting the town of we've been chatting in the wee hours of why and how come and who is gonna fix it..LOL  Hopefully they'll get it I do look to see for our little community "what's happening.."

It's starting to get a little chilly and by the time Thursday comes around it's gonna be figures cause Rudy is being shown and it's at I'll have to leave here at least by 6:30am..

Cindy is coming the night before..that's Annie's Mom (Breeder) and I'm so looking forward to it..she's really neat and I enjoy our we'll get to show gossip..and she's anxious to see Annie..She still has two of Annie's she knows first hand..:)

Annie has been really good ..but I ain't a gonna brag siree...I know from past experience..not to toot my horn.....just play it day by day..and safely..
Ms Shug is enjoying it also..and she's been great..doing better on eating what I give her..Don't know if you all know but Too's as they call them are like little 2 year olds..they are also picky..what she likes today doesn't mean it's good for tomorrow..YIKES...but loving..oh boy and funny..yes!  and love to cuddle..big time..but sure are messy..they throw their food all over..hence I have a vacuum sitting right under her cage..LOL

Ok, I'm now brain I've got my electric blanket on and warming up my bed...I'm so ready...So those traveling stay safe and as always God Bless Us All

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