Saturday, January 24, 2015

A Crap Shoot On Saturday

A crap shoot on Saturday....what I thought was going to be a good day turned right down the tubes...

Night before again good night sleep and up at 4am and then back to bed and we all got back up at 6am..that's fine works out great only this morning Miss Annie started off being a pistol..hence her name.."I'm a Pistol"..

I never got out to go to the store and I only needed a few things but it was windy and chilly and Rudy and Annie were still hacking..not as much but more I've had to keep them pretty much confined as when they are loose..Annie just won't quit..and no matter how much I correct her she has her own mind..soon you won't have an arse if she keeps this crap up !

So it's in and out to let them potty and drink water...can't put water bowls in cause Annie likes to splash..>>>>>>????? she's such a GEM...I love her dearly but boy oh boy...I could send her to the MOON !

My day was kind of sour..I just felt like things weren't going right..I couldn't get that feeling loose either...and now I know why..(see I always get these pre empt notices and I pay no mind to them) I was talking with Robert (hubby) on the phone I heard this banging noise..couldn't imagine where or what the heck it was.

So I get up and walk into the dog room cause that's where it's coming from..and low and behold it's Miss Annie..digging up a storm and as I looks closer she's got a whole in the vinyl flooring to her crate and with her jaws ripping it up..

Well you know I turned purple screamed and dropped the phone open her crate door and yanked her ARSE out of it.. dragged her to the other crate and tossed her ARSE in it.. and had to pull out the pan and attempt to peel that vinyl off

Let me tell ya it's not that's  put down with double sided tape which as it's settled in ..the glue is like cement..and I had to tare in strips the flooring off.. I was so ticked my obscenities were in Italian...and there were many..

If I would have had her next to me.. I probably would have taped her mouth shut permanently ..maybe not..but a good thought..however she did get a scare as I grabbed her pretty good.. when I lose it I lose it.. and she slid across the floor and into that other crate..

No matter how much I correct her..she still does's like she's got her own thing going..she's fortunate I don't have near the strength I use to have..I don't tolerate this..especially when it's spite.. she's been really ticked being crated and I do understand that.. but I can't let them romp around and hack ..they need to be calm and clear up that mucus's sounds awful.

As I walked out of the room.. she knew she better not even cross my path..letting her out tonight..she flew passed me.. like a gust of wind..and of course once outside she was like a boomerang ..I've never owned a dog like her..she's unreal..

Rudy stayed quiet..his eyes grew bigger, he later tonight I attempted to put another piece of vinyl down..gawd it looks awful..I'm not able to get on my knees so it makes it really hard..hopefully it will hold till Robert or I get someone to do one of the other pans and put that in...

I know I'm gonna have to go to the flooring place and get another remnant..need to re do some of the other floorings in the makes it so much easier to clean too..

So that's my saga ... I have a headache from getting so upset..sure hope tomorrow will be better...

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

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