Friday, January 9, 2015

And It's Another Chilly Friday

And it's another chilly Friday although better than yesterday..10 times better but nothing fantastic....and my night sleep was strange..of course I thought it was a dream...hahaha...had this strange feeling my dream was so real...and guess what ?  It was !!!

Dreamt that Miss Annie was bouncing a ball and running down the hallway...and she was.. she woke me up out of a dead sleep.. it was around 2ish..I thought I seen her jump off the bed with a red thing in her mouth (it was a ball ) apparently she found Rudy's ball he hid..(nothing is hidded from Miss Annie) anyway..she tossed it and it hit the wall bounced back and then up the hallway she went...

I woke up ..sat straight up and was wondering what was that pounding noise and where was Annie running too..OMG !  what was going on.. so I stumble out of bed almost falling over the cord to the electric blanket..(don't wanna break that )...and then try to make out what is eyes aren't focusing in right and of course with one eye having a's no help at all ...I'm blind as a bat !!

She then comes running back my way and I see this huge red globe in her jaws..Hello Mamma..I then lunge for her..grab her and down we both go..she's growling and I'm yelling..hahaha..yeah it was a sight to see..any way..after I get that blinkin ball I put it up ..get her out the door to back in the house..Not me ..her !!  then back to bed I go..put her in her crate..and it's cover up cause I'm cold...brrrrrrrrrrrr

Fell into a deep sleep and woke up at 6am..and really thought I dreamt the whole thing till I saw that ball..hahaha..yeah, I'm completely nuts !!  Tonight though will be a different story. Miss Annie will sleep in her crate..even if she wakes me up .. she's in her CRATE !

Later on I just didn't get too much done..did manage to was I had too..and dusted..and that was it.. I was spent and wasn't going out..but I do have to tomorrow.. unfortunately

Did grab a nap.. well the nap grabbed me..I was just sitting on the couch and next thing I knew I was waking up.. it was a no choice LOL..but dang it felt good...

Most of the day was so gloomy and then listening to the news as the weatherman said.."we was gonna be down to 39 tomorrow morning..ok, this is suppose to be FLORIDA....what is going on ?????

Watched Undercover boss tonight and then Date Line and that was my night..just really didn't want to do much as it was again chilly...flannel shirts and pants ..electric blanket sales have got to be climbing high..I bet a record high..

So it's off to sleep I go.. and then up and out early to get back home.. I'm not good about shopping lately.. well never really have been... but love that Amazon shipping..and delivered right to your door..woo hoo..

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All...

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