Sunday, January 4, 2015

A Sort A Kind A Busy Sunday

A sort a, kind a, busy Sunday....Morning started off Miss Annie slept in was I who was the culprit.. I woke up at 4am and she then sat out we went..then she jumped right back in bed and didn't move goodness neither did I..hahaha..we did a sleep in..and I wallowed in the bed..long time since I did that number..

Morning was busy for me as I had planned on having Lasagna for dinner..but that didn't pan out however, I had the sauce defrosted and cooked up the meat to add to it was get it done and freeze it !

Being I'm having Cindy come Wednesday night..we shall have some lasagna and also bringing some down for Randy and Terry..and will have enough to send via Cindy to Steve..have to make sure she brings a cool bag.. I'll keep it frozen till departure LOL..So Steve if you are ready my prepared to visit Cindy on her return..:)

Had to make a quick run to Winn Dixie pick up some containers as all mine have been filled..LOL but if you know me well..plastic is my thing !! UH OH Sound like Mrs Robinson here hahaha..

The day was beautiful..morning had some nice breezes.. now I like that with warm for me.. .Miss Annie has been so good..better not brag cause it will bite we all know how Murphy shows itself pretty regular at my door.

Did Ms Shug's talons tonight..golly gee she grows needles..and she wasn't to bad about it..although she did her yell..for a short bit..but not really hurting her as I was using the dremmel..she's just a twit when it comes to that..but she's getting better too..however, she's quick on chewing wire..don't even wanna go there...I've had so many cell phone plugs replaced..she's almost neck and neck with Annie on caps on the bolts to the toilets....

Didn't get in my nap..darn it ! so maybe tomorrow after I get laundry done ...drag out the trash and attempt to dust and vac..I can catch a few winks..and hopefully tonight it will be another night of bliss...ah the thought even makes me feel wonderful..

Getting back into the swing of phone calls with Robert..this does get old..but hey, we gotta do get over it as I say.....

I'm ready for bed..Annie is giving me the eye as she's curled up waiting for me ..LOL...but one good thing..she doesn't move from her if I don't get my spot I have to struggle to get her to move hahaha..

That's my story for tonight...and on to tomorrow night..who knows what it brings me...So those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

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