Friday, January 2, 2015

Print The Boarding Pass On Friday !

Print the boarding pass on Friday !...Yes was that time again... Hubby really enjoyed this get a way...and before we knew it was that time to print the boarding ticket for Saturday's departure  :(

Morning for me was great..Miss Annie slept almost to 6am..I'm just so pleased this finally might be her now turn of events..I so need that extra time..feels great...Got up this morning and was almost ready to whistle a happy tune...LOL

Got out my trusty Jiffy corn muffin mix..mixed a batch up and let that NewWave baby do her stuff...13 minutes later it was "Where's the butter"...and my cup of coffee...that made my day..

Although today we had to make a dash into Ace Hardware..because the light in the laundry room/carport blew and it's always that way..just before you think you can get away without a hitch...Fooled ya !!!...So Robert went to Walmart first as he thought it was just the bulbs..came back put the new ones in and NOPE...wasn't gonna off he went again but this time to Ace Hardware..

Wound up buying a new was actually cheaper..but however good thing he had the home he came and climbed up that latter..OMG..I didn't look..but he replaced the old and in with the new... a job well done with out any major injuries ...:)

Dinner was cooking in the crock I was trying to get everything done before Robert was leaving.. I hated to give him so much to do..but I don't have Bob and Diane anymore and the few others I used went home for made sure it wasn't a major job..

We did stop in and see Carol and her hubby Regis..enjoyed our visit and always lots of laughs there..then came home and just was one of those ..too much running and going no where kind of days..

So it's bed time and my darling Brats are tucked in ..kind of angry as most of the day they were crated.. I hate doing that..but I'll make up for it tomorrow they'll have the run...and I'll make sure my feet aren't on the ground..LOL they step on them...and it can be rather painful.

Now I'm so ready to just lay down and try to unwind and relax..cause the Limo will be here before I know it.. So it's like this...those traveling be safe and as always ...God Bless Us All....and on to tomorrow..!

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