Monday, January 12, 2015

Heaven Help Me It's Monday !

Heaven help me it's Monday !....that's exactly how I felt...oh my Blue Monday....:(... I had a good night sleep even though I get that wake up for a bit then go back to bed...but knowing it's Monday alone does the job on me..

Got up and just didn't have the surge of energy.. I watched Miss Annie do her morning Jog...more like a mad dash around the couch... I use to stop her but now I just let her tire out..and she does and finally quits..

In a lot of /ways she reminds me of my Joseph.. he would take off and race up and down in the motor home stop and look at me and continue on the just lay down...that's kind of the same thing Annie does.. I just think she has so much energy (might be them batteries) that she needs to burn it off...

I had planned to do my laundry and of course cleaned the frig as it was Trash Day so I dragged that out and then had my coffee fed my brats Ms Shug and Miss Annie and sat down chatted with my friend Dawn to see how she was feeling and had good intentions of just staying in my night gown .. I wasn't going anyway...

The phone rings and it's the AC/Heater man to come and clean it..OH BOY !!!  I had to make a mad dash and throw close on.. there goes my day.. hung up from Dawn and the guy was here over an hour..good thing too because he found one of the wires was not connected to the my heat would go on to the heat strip..thank goodness he put a jumper set up on as the wire was somewhere broken..could have even been a critter that ate it..none of mine one of those outside numbers..

After that I got my laundry done and I just leaned back and relaxed...the cold day yesterday ..then getting up at 4am  and an all day event wore my butt out.. so I have to take a day to myself..even though I did get a few things done..

Tomorrow I have to call my brother as it's his birthday he'll be 74..yikes..I'm not far behind him and then I have to run into town to the CVS and give them my new insurance card..we went with another carrier for the company..then i'll stop at publix for a few things then home I is..

Rained like the dickens and some thunder then of course Miss Annie is not fond of having wet feet..she is a lot like my Abby was..and I would call her Twinkle it's now getting ready for bed..

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

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