Friday, January 30, 2015

Friday Slid Into Home Base But Not Without A Hitch

Friday slid into home base but not without a hitch...did you think it was gonna ???....Last night I had a difficult time sleeping just thinking about all that has to be done now to my teeth..ugh !  It could never go simple..well it could if I just go with the ..."Take em all"  .

Got up at a little after 6am and realized that I had left my laundry in the washer..ok, so I'll have to wash again.. as soon as I feed the brats ...and so I did.. I opened up the washer and laundry was rusty.. now these were all new undies and socks I had bought as I have been throwing out the old stuff...cept this is not looking too good...:(

So I fill up the washer and put Clorox in the water and wash the load in fact I had to wash it 4 times to get the rust out ...but it did do that thank goodness..but I wonder would I have worn it with the rust color hahaha..NAH well maybe in desperation LOL..

After that I just kind of leaned back and thought about my decisions on what I'm going to do.. I need to call my surgeon and have a talk with him..he will be right up front and honest..that's what I need...I mean 18K for all this work...I could do a lot with 18k.. like my windows I've still not got done yet..

Then on to Rudy ..the bugger is not eating his kibble .. I mean he'll eat some if I hand feed it..but NOT...I fed him his raw chicken tonight...he ate that with his biscuit..but not the kibble.. he's being such a twit..

I stopped his meds as I think that might be bothering him as we'll see.. I might have to change kibble ..Lord I hope not..but I have to see what's happening with this boy..!

Called NuWave on my bottom tray which I haven't received yet..and the lady took the data again and said, "they'd ship it over night"..that's what that last guy said...we shall see..but if not I'll send mine back to QVC and get a new one..hate to do that...but you gotta do things sometimes you just don't want too ..

So that's my story for today..and the rest is history...Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

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  1. Not sure which Nu Wave product it was, but WalMart just had some on clearance!