Sunday, January 18, 2015

Last Show Adventure On Sunday

Last show adventure on Sunday...thank goodness... no more driving in the wee hours of the morning..hardly seeing right and then making sure to get parked in a good spot...and sitting in the wind and wait for 8am judging that came and went so quickly..then back that same drive to hurry home and thaw out...Thank goodness for heated seats in my car !

This was the last run to it wasn't as cold but it sure was windy ...however, Mister Rudy did not want to be there..he acted like a horses ass !..He took his class and that was it...boy was I ever so glad to get him home..

He needs a good 10 - 15 lbs..and maturing big time... so I'll start his regiment of feeding program... had the butcher cut of 3 Pork Shoulders in cubes and yes! save the bone...and his meal the morning several cubes of raw pork and kibble..lunch time his big cookie..and dinner time  raw chicken thigh and kibble..every day...and also road work..using my scooter and letting him run along side of it..

Miss Annie was sure happy Rudy was home cause she done tore into him..the poor boy never got a chance to rest...she was jumping on him..tugging on him and even sat on him..hahaha...oh yeah !  the brats are back in town..

It will take most likely a week of those two going bonkers before I get them to settle down...and then hopefully I can get some wait on he grows up..We'll look at him again in April/ May and see how he's looking..again no hurry cause he's a slow mature..

My evening was a little draining..had Ms Shug out and I know she was not a happy camper ..she wanted to play and I was she only got 40 minutes out and then I got everything ready to head back to the bedroom..

Clicked on my electric blanket and brats are in soon.. oops I see Miss Annie stole Rudy's chew bone so I'll have to get him one...ugh!.. So far no coughing from Rudy but tomorrow I need to head in town and pick up Annie's meds.. I just can't take the case Rudy starts hacking..

Now I'm gonna slide on down under covers and call it a day...and hopefully tomorrow I'll have energy.. it's also trash day...lucky me !

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

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