Wednesday, January 28, 2015

I Spoke To Soon For Wednesday :(

I spoke to soon for Wednesday :(...what can I say..?????  My morning started off great all was going well..We, the brats were up at 4am and then back to bed till 6am... Rudy is kind of going off his food with me feeding him the rich pork so he's not eating his kibble and in the evening doing the same thing with his chicken..hence I think it's becoming to rich and he's full... oh well have to figure that out as I go along....

So got the brats fed and Ms Shug also...then got breakfast for myself as I had taken my  meds...planned on going to Winn Dixie for a few things as I need veggie for Shug and just a few things for me...

Actually got out the door by 10:30am ..wonderful and got to Winn Dixie..great parking spot and got almost all that was on my list...ah wonderful instead of stopping for a burger I was gonna cook a steak for tonights dinner...woo hoo..

Got back to the house let the brats out and then gave them their lunch cookie .. put all my stuff away and then sat down and had lunch.. I decided to have a donut which I had in the frig..a chocolate coated delicious glazed donut with a glass of milk...Alrighty ...this was my treat...

As I sunk my teeth  into the gooey chocolate glazed donut and began to take my bite.. I felt a strange sensation...OH NO!!!!  OH YES!!!  I lost my front was stuck in the heavenly bliss of chocolate...HOLY CHIT!!!

Is this another one of those lucky moments in time...or is this another chit deal for me to enjoy...neither one I'm happy with and most of all as I looked in the mirror.. I immediately thought of the cartoon characters, "Beanie and Cecil" and me being Cecil......

This made my day and then I had to find a dentist that could help me.. I called several and none had an opening and one was gonna call me back that never I called my Surgeon that did my jaw surgery and he gave me a dentist to call.. 

I called them and they couldn't see me till next Tuesday..OMG!  but then she said,"let me check with our other office in the Villages and I'll have them call you back"...shortly I got a call...AMEN !!!  They will take me tomorrow at 3:30pm

I washed my crown as it still was intact not crunched..thank goodness I didn't swallow it... and I put it back in held..of course I can't chew but they also told me to get Fixodent and that will keep it in place till I get in the office tomorrow..

I can't tell you how down I'm feeling cause again another shocking crowns have been on for 15 years...I do hope that this dentist can just fix it without having to go through another new crown...Lord help me..

The rest of my day just went south.. I just don't know what to do right one friend Paulette said, " Bury Murphy"..she's right !  I wish I could that S.O.B.

Watched American Idol and it was pretty good and played with Shug for a bit..but now I just want tomorrow over with and just hope I don't have to go through major expenses..cause this gal with just buy my choppers and put them suckers in the draw...

With that...those traveling Stay Safe and As Always God Bless Us All  and my teeth PLEASE !

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  1. I have had that happen twice (two different crowns). Needless to say, I changed dentist. They were able to glue them back on. They have stayed on (knock on wood). New dentist said she will fix them for free until my insurance will cover new ones. Great lady, my new dentist!