Friday, January 16, 2015

To The Dog Show On Friday

To the dog show on Friday....oh my stars yes !....of course it was an 8am show time and the weather was windy and cold... had to get up at 4am with Miss Annie then get things done and ready to leave the house at 5:45am to get to my favorite parking spot..right next to the Johns ..I kid you not !!!

Night before I got everything ready for the quick up and out.. I had refrig stuff packed and ice blocks ready to go into the cooler..had Miss Annies Breakfast in a zip lock with her cookies....her water and mine as well with my meds..Ms Shug was gonna have to have an early wake up..uh oh !!!  she's not gonna be a happy bird..hahaha

So got to bed and it seems like I just laid down and it was time to get up.. Don't cha just hate that..???? any way Miss Annie was up at 4am so I might as well just get up and get things ready to go out the door...and of course it's got to be cold and chilly..that icy feeling..Psst..this is FLORIDUH !!!!

Once I got Ms Shug awake..and she wasn't happy about it..but gave her extra goodies ..all kinds of mixed nuts and sunflower seeds and fruits ,...oh she was not gonna be not fed..she was gonna once she realized I woke her butt up..she was gonna be jibber jabbing for sure...

Got Annie out a couple of times as I wanted to make sure she didn't have to go potty ...being we would be at the show site by 6:45am ..sit for a little bit as 8am was Annie was gonna be left in the car... I didn't want to have to walk her around ..

So I left the front to windows open a bit..being cold and windy ..she didn't need the wide open..and she is getting good about it.. curls up and sleeps or gnaws on her chew bone..and I was just a ring away ..had my remote with I could open the sliding will...but I'm only under the tent 40 minutes if tops..not even that.

Got to see Randy for a bit and he told me..there was an outbreak of Kennel Cough.. (chit) and of course Rudy had a little cough.. I looked at Rudy and he gave me a little.."hello"...not much.. I mean that boy doesn't get upset me leaving that makes me feel sad..but I'm glad in away he adores Randy..

Rudy is also close with my he's a man's dog..his appearance was good and no signs of a running nose and I didn't hear him cough..but he wasn't happy about the cold..or showing in it... Randy had some time with him...but a few little jolts and he knew he had to behave himself..

His showing was ok, not great but I then thought he also might not be feeling when I left I went to the Vets and got meds for him..and also Annie as in case Rudy starts coughing ..I know Annie might follow... and we just got through this with Annie from the Ocala shows...:(

Now I'm telling you that show grounds was cold and bitter with the wind ripping through..I don't like showing in that weather...I can only imagine how the dogs all felt...CRAPPOLA..

Rudy will be coming home Sunday and also I've got a food program to follow to try and put some weight on him.. he's lean and slow maturing..but he needs to muscle as I talked with his breeder.. suggestions were..feed him some pork in the morning (pork rules hahaha) and the chicken at night..every day along with his kibble...

So I stopped at Publix and had the butcher cut me up a pork shoulder in cubes and I'll give him so many a day in the morning.. of course Miss Annie will have some too.. the Pork Shoulder was about I have enough for 10 days..and I'll order another one.. and I have plenty of Chicken we is good to go..

So now I'm home tomorrow and will get some work done...and get my kitchen set up for the meals for Ms Shug too...I'm now doing weekly setups as in the morning it gets to hectic to cut and peel and chop..again I'm using my that stuff LOL..

Turned my electric blanket on to warm the bed and Miss Annie and Ms Shug are in bed..didn't take Ms Shug out.. I was just too tired..but will tomorrow plus have to clean her cage..

So with that.. those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All...

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