Sunday, January 11, 2015

Woe Is Us On Sunday

Woe is us on was off to the races and down to Brooksville at 5:45am so that I could get a up and close parking spot..and like my Thursday I sure did..right next to the port a that in itself was a true blessing..

The night before was good for Miss Annie slept well and even though we had our usual up and out and back to bed..she was a good girl..she had a bout of diarrhea from eating bird food and I'm sure those batteries didn't help..

So come morning I only gave her a few cookies and I had most everything packed and even woke Ms Shug up wee she was not a happy camper..but she got her goodies and we were ready to roll.

Thank goodness hardly anyone was on the road..and it was smooth sailing..I dressed lightly as according to the weather was gonna be a nice wasn't not at 8am and the wind ripped through.. my light jacket didn't help..

Also I was at the wrong ring according to what was I had to move on over to the right was ring 11 instead of ring 3..okie dokie..and as I got there the Rotties were just going in the friends Dawn and her brother Paul were there and Dawn had her Miss Abby..a real she calls it.. a "teacup min pin"  a little mouse I call it hahaha..

Watched Rudy show..and I was really ticked..he showed horrible..horrible wasn't the word..Rudy just wasn't going to do what Randy wanted..OH !!!  If I had been showing him I would have jerked that sucker..he would have known who was the boss.. I was so ashamed of him.. because he can show excuse..after show was over and I did go back to see Randy.. I expressed my feeling..He needs to be worked and needs to know this is not gonna be tolerated..

He is young but still has had those weeks on the road and showed beautifully..I feel what happened to him the day before with the in experienced girl showing him didn't help..he got away with not doing what he was trained to do.. So it's back to the drawing board with a swift kick in the butt. !

Left there and heading home.. of course chilled to the bone.. and Miss Annie was happy to be home as well.. I had left her in the car with the windows slightly opened and she had her chew bone and was curled up cozy.. so when we got home.. I opened her door and all hell broke loose...

She and I had a great nap...yep !  she laid right next to me on the couch and got in a good 2 hours..she did eat a good dinner and Ms Shug was ready for bed too.. I had her out just to clean her cage so tomorrow she'll get more out time.

Seemed that my day kind of disappeared as I tried to watch TV and again fell asleep... and now.. I've got my electric blanket on warming my bed.. and hope to get these chills gone...and I'll head back to Brooksville next week..

That's about it..other than bed is looking mighty nice too me !  Safe Travels and as always God Bless Us All...

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