Thursday, January 1, 2015

It's New Year's Day On Thursday :)

It's New Year's Day On Thursday:)   Robert and I managed to watch the ball fall from Time Square...!   It was a feet for us to even attempt..but attempt we did.. I mean it has only been 8 years since Robert and I have been able to be together on a holiday..let alone two in a row..Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year's Eve and New Year's Day... Holy Hannah Banana..!!!

We watched it in amazement..and then just like the ball that fell so did we off to slumberville...and even my Brats did well... they didn't get up till 6am and I dragged out of bed...Robert was still in the I was kind hahaha..I did let him the Brats were in their happening of the Daytona 500 ...

I watched them circle the living room ..the couch and do the Jump over the Moon (couch) and I wasn't about to attempt to even stop them..nope !!  I learned my lesson..let them go till they stop..and that they did..5 minutes later panting and wanting their big bowl of water..slush slush slush..and it runs from their jawls..OMG!!!

I have been missing in much happening health wise to me.. and I was not in really a great frame of mind..depressed about losing most of my teeth which I've worked so hard at keeping..then having my jaw worked on and crammed shut..(that was an experience) I felt I couldn't be me..I mean my brain just didn't want to go into details or even try to explain how I I needed that time..and boy did I miss kidding.. I guess I'm one of those that love to write about happenings..a little embellishing to give it that bazaaz..but all in all..99 percent of my writing is fact..not fiction.. GAWD!  Now that's scary...but in a funny way too..

This morning was a hoot..(most of them are) I was up and ready to put my NuWave to work...(I love that oven ) and I popped into it corn muffins.. I made a jiffy batch..hey, I like ease too.. so for 65cents..a box..why not..they are pretty tasty..and I'm not stuck with a huge amount.. 6 is what it makes and 6 is what I get..So they got done and the kitchen was smelling great..

When Robert got up it was toasted muffins for breakfast..and coffee..but in his case Cola..and we sat and talked ..getting prepared for making dinner...out came the crock pot as I took the country ribs and sauerkraut out..yeah it was gonna be good..bringing in the New Year... Robert had his black eyed peas and corn bread too...oh smokin'

As I put the liner in the crock pot ( I did tell you all I use liners because I don't have to clean up a mess..LOL ) Robert asked me, "Where's the knob to the crock pot " ?????  HUH>>>??????  Uh oh !...then a quick flash came to this brain and I remembered Annie a few months ago having a strange cap in her mouth..a cinnamon colored one..and I couldn't figure where it came from .. what off of...Gawd ... Like a flash bulb my brain registered...

It was the knob to my Crock Pot...OMG!!!! ANNIE !!!!!!...and so he put it on and as he did..the arrow to the knob was missing...OH YEAH ..she ate that I guess ?????  so I saw where there was a line in the biggy I can still figure where to place the line on went our dinner...smiling all the while thinking how Miss Annie..did me in again...!!

Sure was a good day..even though it was gloomy.. it was good !!  Lots of laughs and of course Ms Shug did her ..." Don't forget me "... she now loves to sit on the floor next to Robert and say, "Uh Huh"...LOL  she's a love..but only to Robert..Me, well she still comes to me..but I get no rubbing of the head ..but she likes me to scratch under her wing and loves for me to spread her wings..oh she enjoys all that and when I stop ..she comes and grabs my fingers ...but no kisses..

Tonight we watched the Biggest Loser..OMG..they look so good..I enjoy that show because it does good for gives them all a new life..a longer life and a healthier life..I'm just so in awe of how and how fast too...but it was a good one..

Robert only had tomorrow and then he heads back home to Philly.. I'll surely miss him.. he's done a lot of running for me.. things I hate to do..but at the same time..we've had a lot of laughs too.. now we'll get back to the phone calls and the FaceTalks..till March..and that's around the corner..

Rudy is being shown in Brooksville, Fl next I'm gonna go see him.. Randy is suppose to come on Sunday and pick him up.. so he'll be with him for the week...Miss Annie is gonna miss him again..but only for the week...just spotting him right now as Rudy is still young and needs to mature..but he's so so looking good... and such a sweet Zeke..a gentle Giant..

Now I'm ready for bed..and for the mad dash tomorrow...and with just never know what is about to just falls in my lap...I shake my head and laugh too..!

So those traveling Stay Safe and as Always.. God Bless Us All..!

PS...Good To be back even though my Mouse died and I have to slide my finger to find the pointer..UGH!!  Robert volunteered to get me a new one at Walmart..he's such a great guy..


  1. See, this is why I love your blog! Laughing out loud about the crock pot knob. Can almost see (in my mind) Miss Annie with it in her mouth! Welcome back BarbZ!!!

    1. Good to be back Linda ...feels like I never left..and you know it does my heart wonders to share my "Adventures" even though I haven't left the building hahahha...God Bless