Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Here I Thought Tuesday Would Be Fine

Here I thought Tuesday would be fine...Hello Momma !... it never fails me...LOL

Last night all went well going to bed..Annie and Rudy are getting into the program again..Rudy of course is such a good boy...but Miss Annie..well, give me a break please..it's her way or the highway she thinks !!!

Woke up at 4am, out the door the three of us went then back in for the charge back to bed and of course Rudy is now into the game of.."YOU AIN'T GONNA GET YOUR SPOT SISTER "...LOL...Oh yeah we have to play this one out and so let it be..he has to at least get her back someway..She's Wicked :)~

After that scene Rudy goes into his bed peacefully and within a few minutes comes the snore..as for Miss Annie...well, a horse of different color...she has to gnaw on her bone..loudly..then off she goes and finally I can close my eyes and perhaps catch a full hour..

We got up at 6am and race down the hallway to the kitchen to check and see if I have gotten their before breakfast cookie ready..hmmmm, and then it's ok, I'll go play in the living room bouncing from couch to couch and behind the couch to make those blinds swing from string to string..Yeah it's a sight to behold..

So I get breakfast ready and Ms Shug is wanting hers as well as she so sweetly has yelled Hello several times..in which I come dashing over to open her cage..and I am gathering all my senses...I fix Rudy and Annie their new breakfast again.. with the pieces of chopped pork shoulder..Rudy did ok with it yesterday so I'm feeling pretty good and they like it..

Ms Shug likes her medley of goodies as well..all is well..they all get fed and I can settle down for my coffee and toasted corn muffin..woo hoo... I think I'm gonna head over to Walmart and pick up my meat clever (yes, to chop the chicken thighs for Miss Annie ) and a few other things..and to stop at Doc's to get some meds for Annie..just in case this kennel cough kicks in..

Rudy only has a little cough in the morning..not much so I'll holding off to let it clear up on it's own..sometimes it's better than pumping them full of antibiotics..they have to build up some sort of immunity...I then decided I was gonna stop for my Hardee burger..and I did.. boy was that good..headed back home..

Opened the door and I knew.. I could smell it..OMG!  walked into the dog room and poor Rudy and Annie has diarrhea...it was so bad that it went out the crates and hit the walls and this one got me..even hit the ceiling..OH NO!

Now I really don't want to go into too many details but I can assure you I won't think about a Hardee's burger for quite awhile...but I got both of them out of their crates and to the dog patio...and my day was shot..I mean spent big time..

After clean up I also had to go out and clean the dog patio..OH YES!  Again out there and I felt so bad for the both of them... I knew what and why..good thing I picked up diarrhea meds..cause I gave it to them..

The Reason was.. the raw chicken was fine they were use to that..but the raw pork was just too rich..and I thought as I was told..it wouldn't give them diarrhea..I'm sure they meant give it slowly.. I gave a few pieces one day and everything was ok..so next time I gave a little too much too soon..

Tonight at dinner time I gave them small amounts of food and some chicken as they needed to have something ..but enough that they wouldn't gorge themselves..I kept them more to their crates..and limited the fluid intake..

Tonight for bed time ..they got more of their meds..and pray tonight they won't have another bout..sure was an interesting day...in more ways than one..DUH!

For me, I lost my appetite..I'm just thankful this day is almost over...and hopefully tomorrow will be a lot better..the risks we take when attempting something new...

Weather wise the day turned out pretty darn good..and thankful I had my door open..to get some air in the house...tonight it's not bad either...just looked at Rudy and Annie ..they are tucked in and soon I am to be..

With that..those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..and thank goodness for Odor Ban !!!

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