Friday, January 23, 2015

I Made It ! And It's Friday :)

I made it ! and it's Friday :)... goodness's been one heck of a week..and last night I got a good night all night hacking...and this morning again..up at 4am out the door and back in and Rudy goes right to his bed...Miss Annie jumps in mine and gets in her spot...and we all go back for a few more hours...This is I've never been able to do WOO HOO!

Today I had to make a quick run into town and I took the two brats !!!  BIG MISTAKE...reason..well, when I pulled up to CVS window to pick my script up..all I could see (not hear) was the girl's lips moving... I mean to tell you ..Miss Annie and Rudy were going to town barking..I became DEAF!

I sure wished I has my spray gun.. I would have blasted them two.. they wouldn't have to worry about hacking..they'd be fooling.. I mean to tell you was embarrassing.... I have to do something about that..even when a car came along side of mine...Good Gravy.. they had my car wiggling..

Yes!  I made my presence known..LOL..thank goodness I won't go back for another month...but this time I'll do it alone..see what I get for trying to give them two a nice ride..DUH!!

Most the day I really didn't do much of anything..I did make another batch of corn muffins and for dinner I reheated my lasagna..just didn't feel like cooking much of fact I've got a menu in that freezer..perhaps I'll put a list on the freezer door hahaha..

Rain setting in tonight..took the brats out and as soon as I got out the door.."CRACK"  and a flash of light.. OH MY STARS!!!   I'm not good with, I don't like to watch it.. I could feel my hair frizz..hahaha.. more like a white streak going down my fact the two brats peed really quick turned around and ran back in.. I don't blame them..

The hacking is kind of slowing down a bit..but I've also had Rudy and Annie crated so they could rest..jumping around as they do with just aggravate their cough.. They sure are giving me those looks..but omg!  when I finally let them out..the earth is gonna shake here... they are gonna be wild ...born to be wild more like it..!!

So now I'm watching Lost in that movie..and getting ready for bed.. Brats been out and given their 9:30pm meds..and their chew bones..boy are they gnawing...

I need to run out to the store for a few things..not much but do need bread.. I'm gonna have to buy a bread machine..didn't see one at Walmart so I might check QVC or Amazon ..see who gives the best deal...

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All....

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