Sunday, January 25, 2015

What A Nightmare On Sunday

What a nightmare on Sunday... last night by the time I went to bed my head was pounding.. I had put another piece of vinyl down in Miss Annie's crate and was so wiped out .. I have such difficulty in trying to get down on my knees.. I did not a great job, but the best I could do..

Morning came and our routine is Up at 4 out the door then back in and back to bed till fine and all seem to handle all this well.. so then it was get the brats fed as I wanted to make a quick dash to Winn Dixie..

After having my coffee and cleaning Ms Shug's cage I went into the dog room to let the brats out before I was leaving...walked in and low and behold Miss Annie struck again.. I just knew it.. I felt it.. I can tell by the way she acts..OMG!   I lost it.. not again  :(

I yanked her out of that crate out they went and shortly after I put her in Zeke's crate..and I began to clean up the mess.. I've never been so angry and I knew if she came in reach of me.. she's be one sad pup... I did give her a whack with the vacuum cleaner hose.. it's pliable but does the trick ...

Then I had to call around to see who had a bottom pan for the crate 24x36.. PetSmart said they did.. I had to wait till 10am till they opened and drive over to Lady Lakes right across from Sam's club.. I checked their parking lot and it was I didn't go in for my paper products will do that another time.

But I did go to PetSmart pick up the pans then went to Bed Bath and Beyond to pick up a few things there and while in there.. (I know why I hate shopping in there) I couldn't find anyone to help me.. and walking up and down those isles there was a lady talking on her cell phone gabbing about when she had her last period.. Give Me A Break !!!  I couldn't believe it..she wasn't shopping she was talking on her damn cell phone and blocking the isles she was the only one in the store...

I couldn't get around her.. and my legs were bothering I finally said really nasty, "Who gives a chit when you had your last period, Get out of the damn way" ... and my look alone I'm sure gave her an uneasy feeling..  I still can't believe someone would do that.. but then again what do I know..:?????

Finally I came up to the register and the gal said, "Did you get everything you need"... forget this number.. I then explained how dissatisfied I was with this store.. and I'll buy on Amazon from now on.. "..LOL.. I couldn't wait to get out of there...then I saw Arby's ..

Ok, so I'm gonna sit back and relax and eat a roast beef and I did.. it was good then the drive home to my brats...Help me Lord that I don't do her in !!.. Walk in and let the brats out.. Miss Annie stayed out of my reach.. she's not dumb that's for sure..but I'm believing spiteful ..

Put the pan in her crate and it don't fit...WHAT>>>>>???????  So I call up PetSmart and tell them idiots.. and now I have to go back tomorrow and get a refund.. called my girlfriend Mary.. of Jemar Pet Supply and asked if she could get me two pans.. she's gonna put an order in and have them dropped shipped..thank you MARY!... Should have called you from the beginning..

Later in the day I let the two brats out to play.. and gave them their new gel bone.. well they were enjoying it ..tossing it then finally Miss Annie got her bowels in and up roar and charged Rudy..wanting thing I know they are standing on their hind legs fighting.. I mean battling... bad too.. I took the pump gun with water and sprayed their faces.. they stopped and then I got Rudy to go in his cage as Miss Annie was challenging me..

Bad mistake I don't take that lightly and I grabbed her choker..she knew she was not gonna get away with it.. She felt my anger big time.. I may suffer later from my hands hurting but I know one thing..."She knew who the Alpha dog in the house is ....ME! "....

What a day it turned out to be.. and so this little match of wits begins.. as soon as they are over this kennel cough Miss Annie is in for a rude awakening.. She has so much energy that she's becoming too hyper.. so I'll get on the scooter and run her ARSE a few miles.. she'll tire out and calm down..

Now I'm so ready to fall out.. Some days you win and some days you lose..Lord help me I'm gonna ache tomorrow that's for sure..

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..


  1. Sorry Annie has decided to be a pita! Thank you for the water gun tip. I don't let my pups be around each other anymore because of the recent fight, but might after I purchase a water gun. I hope and pray your Monday is better!

    1. Thanks so much Jo, and I hope you get that water pump's got a lot of force.. Oh me oh my oh !!! Monday unreal