Thursday, January 15, 2015

Swung On In On Thursday

Swung on in on Thursday....another good night without any interruptions. Miss Annie again made it almost through..she did whimper a bit around 5ish..but hey that's fantastic..

Got up and as usual on this day it's trash day..and with how my trash has been picked up ..not really sure what time they will show I try to get it all dragged out to the curb by 7am..and sure enough today they picked up at 1pm..hey we is getting there....

Made my pot of coffee and it seems Miss Annie is starting to grow up a bit..although now she still does that "race is on" ...but more and more she's wanting to be by my side...and that's good..but wait till the big boy comes home on Sunday...holy smokes she's gonna give him a piece of her "teeth"..hahaha..

This afternoon I cooked up Chicken parm and a little that packed to take with me for Randy and Terry tomorrow and I had mine for dinner late this afternoon..then me and Annie and Shug got a little nap in...well sort of.. I mean I wasn't sleeping but just laying back and Annie was right along side of me.. Shug ..she sat in her cup LOL  and I saw her close her eyes...

She has been getting up early with me and Annie..but tomorrow the poor thing is gonna be up wee early as I'll need to leave here by that means I'm gonna be hitting the sack..

Watched American Idol..I'm liking what I'm seeing and boy I picked a few I really like.. sure hope they make the cut...but it was better..hopefully someone whispered in their the right thing..

Crappy day all day.. gloomy and off and on sprinkles in fact just before we came back to the bedroom..and I let Annie out it was sprinkling..she hates it too.. she tip toes around..she'll get over it.. !

So with that.. I need to fall forward..LOL  those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All....on to tomorrow !

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