Thursday, January 29, 2015

Couldn't Wait For Thursday

Couldn't wait for Thursday..had a horrible night sleep ..kept waking up from my dreams.. first I thought I swallowed my tooth..then I thought I saw it pasted on the mirror..gawd it kept getting worse each time.. I know I had a cold sweat going on.. and Miss Annie was good (for first time in a long time) by the time I finally got up I felt like I was hit by a mack truck !

Once up I attempted to get all fed.. of course Rudy is being a PUTZ ..he's not eating his kibble..oh he'll eat the pork and the chicken but not the I tossed it out and worried of course cause he's never done this number..

Most of the morning I kept watching the clock waiting for 2pm so I would leave ..and I did manage to get out..of course the brats were having a fit !  what's new ?  me leave with out them how dare I do that... but I brought my laundry out and put it in the washer..with good intentions of course LOL

Being today was also trash day I was gathering up junk to get rid of.. I seem to always have boxes..hahaha.. well it comes from Amazon or Dr Foster and Smith for Shug and brats goodies..only me once in awhile SURE IT DOES...

So I gets in my car click on my IPhone and put in the address..and I learned a new way of going to Sumter landing ..was pretty neat too.. so I sat in the parking lot listening to the radio and I saw the Dentist had a back door I called them and asked if I could come in the back way.. thank goodness cause my knees weren't wanting to walk long distance..

Got in and gave all my data and they all seemed pretty nice.. and the Dentist was a young girl..well lady.. and she was really nice..very gentle..(good sign).. she had them Xray my mouth and the whole ball of wax..but I do need a regular dentist here..

Of course I got the news !!!! OH MY STARS !  I only had one cavity under my filling.. What the ????  and that tooth will have to be crowned.. lucky me.. how about my tooth that the crowns off...well that tooth get this one has a start of a cavity..OUCH...but my teeth are really lose ..and I have a choice..cause they aren't gonna get any better.. Implants or full plate up top.. my bottoms are strong and two are real loose so that can be fixed with a partial...

Now as I'm sliding down in the chair.. I have to go back to the surgeon that fixed my jaw and get evaluated...not sure I want to do the implants.. but I'll talk with the surgeon..he's really fantastic..the rest's a given and has to be done....don't even want to mention costs...

I also got that crown back on and of course when I get the work done it will no longer exist..maybe I can cash it in ????  but I needed to get this done and I guess within the next few months I'm gonna be busy..:(

Got home at it was 5:30pm .....brats were jumping and hungry ..cept again Mister Rudy wasn't eating his kibble...I didn't give him his chicken..nope..but I did go back into the room and feed him..piece by piece..tomorrow is gonna be the same case but he's gonna eat it or not..spoiled brat !

Watched Biggest so enjoy watching their achievements they are truly amazing.. now my achievement is falling into bed...and dreaming of sparkling teeth hahaha.

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

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