Tuesday, January 6, 2015

What A Blessing On Tuesday !

What a blessing on Tuesday !   In many ways...first off ..I slept well last night cept I woke up at 3:30ish..OK, so I am now waking Miss Annie up..don't think she's liking it either...but, I'm sorry..don't know why..perhaps it's just thinking of Hubby at home and Rudy on the road..

Then when I got up the second time I got a text from Cindy..who was coming tomorrow ...however, she texted me and said, "She just got home from the hospital..was very sick, high temp and they checked her out..she had the FLU"...OMG !  Now I feel so bad for her..as I know it's rough being sick and having to also take care of the fur kids and plus she was scheduled for surgery on the 20th..OUCH...but Cindy, if you are reading this...

This was truly a blessing..cause if you came here and as cold as it's gonna be on Thursday morning..perish the thought but not only you but all of us would have joined you being sick...so glad you caught it home and not away..

Big out break of flu this time and the vaccines we took don't cover it..always something.. bringing my wipes with me...and maybe even a mask...scary for all of us.. Also I'm gonna make sure I'm dressed warm and as Kim texted me ..bring a blanket as the show is outdoors...

Checking the weather as I watched TV ..Sumter County is under "frost warning" ok, so as I let Miss Annie out I covered my Christmas Cactus..and then made sure I checked on the water in the carport..hurried Miss Annie as she decided to check the sky out...Yeah, she likes to look up into that sky and see if anything is flying by LOL

Tonight mainly I just checked to make sure I have them warm doggy sweaters that I used back home..I mean these babies are WARM..even checked to see if I had the pants to match..as I do remember those cold weekends we showed in  and how I carried gallons (6 gallon jugs) in the bath tub of the motor home as I had winterized my rig..even carried a 30gal propane tank that I used my extend kit to have for heat..as when it dropped low the heat pump didn't kick on..Oh yeah!  I was prepared..electric blanket on bed..hahaha..still do the same thing.

So looks like I'll be making sure I have a cover for Miss Annie too..just in case and perhaps bring a pad..one that I can watch cause I know her..she'll eat it ...and I do mean eat it !

Not much on TV for me..but I did enjoy playing with Ms Shug..although she just wanted to cuddle..and so I did..while Miss Annie was gnawing on her chew bone..big time..

Getting ready for bed..and planning my day for tomorrow as I have to make a few errands in the morning..then hurry home..oh I'm gonna make sure I bring those wipes..Flu going around big time...might start wearing gloves..wouldn't hurt..

So ..those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All....keep warm!

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