Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Here We Go On Wednesday

Here we go on Wednesday... I woke up at 3:30am...again..(sure wish I'd stop this) and Me and Miss Annie went out..brrrrrr and then hopped right back in bed and got up again that wasn't bad at all..

I had a mission.. I was gonna get Miss Annie fed and Ms Shug then me and then get dressed and hop on out to Walmart..pick up a thermos and a few things then stop by the bank so I could make a deposit in a lady's account so our group of feathered friends could come to the aide of someone in need..

It's a good feeling to help others, I mean I'm fortunate I'm able to..and when you hear some really hardships it breaks your heart..passing it forward is truly what it's all about.. I once was as a child in that need and my family had help..we were forever grateful...and so when, as we were growing up we could help others we did..

Got back home and could feel the difference in the weather as it's making a nose dive ..and from the weather reports tomorrow morning is suppose to have a wind chill factor of 20...we go from 80 to now 20...holy cow..

Will have to make sure I'm bundled up ..had to use my flovent several times today as Im having a little problem catching my breath..figures..if I didn't have to make this trip as I had promised.. I'd stay home and just see Rudy show on Sunday..Lord, I sure hope no problems..

Lots of flu going around in fact at Walmart's I saw several people wearing masks I felt like running...and finding one for myself..and again listening to the news..and also Cindy coming down with it..crossing my fingers for sure..

I bought a router, a linsky N900..don't know that much about routers but came home read the directions..what little there was then got down on my knees on top of a pillow..cause I know this isn't easy for me...checked the back of the other one how the plugs where and just one by one took one off and put the other one on.. then rebooted the setup ..put the CD in the laptop and followed the yellow brook road..:)

Of course putting this in sounds easy..but you have to be some what of a contortionist..the way the wires are here and oh.. needed a flash light to see it's all black..DUH????? I'm half blind now..after this I'm probably totally .

Got up and running and the signal is now super strong...well I got 8 years out of the router so I can't complain..please hope I get that..that would be dynamite !

Now I'm ready for bed..been a busy day and getting up so early and still dark out is not my favorite those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All.....oh yes!  my electric blanket is on :)

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