Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Sure Wishing Wednesday Will Be Kind

Sure wishing Wednesday will be kind to us !...As I made it through the night..after our ordeal...feeling really bad for Rudy and definitely thinking, "how could I have been so dang dumb"..yep! kind of put the blame on me..

Morning came and Rudy and Annie went out about 4am then came back to far so good the meds were kickin in...and of course I heard this who has the cold.....OH NO!

My poor Rudy got a full bloom case of Kennel cough and it was sounding when I was making their breakfast I started Rudy on the meds...3 pills every 12 hours...and keeping him from not running through the house with Annie..

So far their stomachs seemed to have settled..thank poor Rudy just isn't feeling that great..and Miss Annie is so wanting to run the loops..but I've got to keep them both settled down..and keep air circulating in the house so Rudy has no problems .

Most of the day I really had restrictions going..and keeping their water clean..even though I try to let them have their a no brainer..they get into each others..they chew the same chew bones..oh yeah...I'm waiting to hear if Miss Annie will start...I do have meds for her as well..

Clancy came over again this morning early to put down more mulch ..this was the second truck load..but it's looking so much nicer...I'm sure next week when he has some time...he'll get another load and hopefully that will do the trick..

My day was kind of wasted as I just kept the brats quiet and in and out  to get a little sunshine ...their appetites were good and it looks like they are tolerating the change of food... I did cut back on the amount of pork given to Rudy till he gets more use to it..

The day dragged as I listen to Rudy cough..gosh I feel so bad for him.. I should have started him when I got him home on Sunday...but I thought ok..maybe it won't be bad as he wasn't really hacking...just once in a while...

Tonight I watched American Idol..and had Ms Shug out.. a little earlier..strange feeling having to crate my brats so much..but only way I can keep them both calm so Rudy can get some rest..

Now we are ready for bed..gave Rudy his meds and crossing my fingers and saying a pray..that Miss Annie won't start...So with that..those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

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