Saturday, January 17, 2015

This Day To ReCoup On Saturday

This day to recoup on Saturday...well it was gonna be...however, I did have a few things to do ...:)...just a few things :)~

Last night got to bed and fell deep into slumberville..woke up at 4am and let Miss Annie go out then "We" went back to bed..woo hoo..she is good about that and will climb in bed at that time only and then get back up at 6am..

I've learned to do I'm not dragging the rest of the day...but once I'm up I'm anxious to get what I need done...cause my energy level peters out around's what it is and that's that !

I wasn't going to cook much as I have lots of leftovers..but as I read some of the meals the group was making..uh oh !  that made me want to explore again..LOL..

Now in the morning I made my batch of corn muffins..being that I only have 6 silicone muffin cups and they are small.. I go through 2 a day..yep! my toasted corn muffin deal with my 2 cups of coffee.....then on to what I decided to make for dinner.. I had bought a frozen pizza and gave it a worked pretty I have pizza now for reheat too..but the pizza didn't come out bad..again I'm not an avid lover of frozen pizza..but just didn't want to make dough and do all that work...NAH! just for me..NO WAY...

Got a few things done and did go out with Annie in the car (she loves to run out to the car jump in and into her crate like a big girl..) we drove into town as I had a few cents off a I needed to fill up for my drive tomorrow morning at 5:45am to watch Rudy and then bring him home..

Now that part I'm excited about because he needs to mature and put on weight he's to slender..and I've got his pork shoulder cut up and his chicken thighs ready too... he'll get the pork in the morning with his kibble and in the evening he'll get his chicken thighs with his kibble...then start road working a little each week..

So again my work load will be adding a few things...oh! need to get my golfcart fixed..need new batteries and a new charger and looking at getting a new engine put in.. it's ok...but very slow.. so that's my next major investment..ugh!

So that's about it..other than I'm gonna attempt to make peach cobbler in my NuWave for tomorrow..stay tuned in ..:)

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

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