Monday, January 19, 2015

In No Way Did Monday Sneak In

In no way did Monday sneak fact I knew it was happening the day before hahaha....well, seriously my days were so counted how could it..????

Night before I dragged into bed as I was just to darn tired from getting up and getting out on the road before daybreak..and then worrying how the big boy would behave..also knowing he had Kennel cough..and how bad..YIKES!

All went well, as we all know we are sometimes victims of our own minds..and I'm no difference ...but all and all Rudy wasn't too bad..his cough is slight and I still haven't given him any had he been coughing that horrible gagging I would be popping those babies in..

Morning for us is the double take..wake up at 4..go potty and then race back to bed...where Annie gets in her spot..but not this morning..Rudy got there and wasn't letting Miss Annie in...OH! she was pissed so we had to hear the high pitch bark of hers...OMG!!!

Then Rudy gave in..he's such a good boy !  Rudy jumped down and into his crate and Miss Annie crawled in her spot and lights were out till 6am...How Wonderful !!!!  I never use to be able to do that..once I was up...that was I must be getting older..or is it WISER :)~

Once we got up again it was off to the race into the kitchen the battle of the "who's gonna get the before breakfast cookie first"..and then gulp a gallon of water ..yeah, it's exciting ..hahaha..

Ms Shug gets into the picture with her sweet..."Hello" she sits on the bottom of her cage looking underneath the that's a hoot..and Miss Annie and Rudy run up to her and they all get their kisses in..sweet thang !!!

Trash day and I was too wiped out to clean the frig so that will have to be Thursday this week..then gather up all the junk...get the dollie loaded and out to the curb we go...

This morning Clancy came over and tackled my yard..he does such a great job also went and got MULCH...I needed it desperately..and he was busy most the day...although he's got more to do...but it was like 39 this morning brrrrrrrrrr so he'll be back next week..

The rest of my day was just getting the house some what together and tomorrow I have to run into town pick up meds for know the just in case stuff..I should go to Walmart but I'll wait till Sunday when I can get in early and out...better get my list going..

Had to break up the brats in their fight tonight..Gosh Miss Annie gets really into it..and when Rudy goes back at her she gets evil..the sounds were awful so up I got and just said loudly, "that's enough"...they do stop..they know I am angry and off they go into their room...I have to keep on top of's not often but they do and can get into it..

Ms Shug comes out and it's do her nails..she's getting good about the dremmel..and then she plays with my empty pill bottles that I wash out..she loves "Plastic"..sound familiar hahaha..

Watched  Apprentice and I'm kind of liking it..they had Joan Rivers on ..which this was pre taped back before her death..interesting plots watching all those celebs work out on business deals..

Now I'm back in the bedroom and warming up my bed ...and the brats are in their crates chewing their bones...loudly too..sure hope it don't last..

So those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

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