Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Now Tuesday Made A Turn Around :)

Now Tuesday made a turn around :)...morning again.. my routine..and I'm ok with it as long as I get some sleep in...and then it was get everyone's breakfast done... and by the way those corn blueberry muffins aren't to too bad hahaha..

Most of the day was just taking it easy from my episode..sometimes some things take their toll on me the next day and I just got to chill out and make sure my blood pressure doesn't go out of whack..fun getting older...now if I'd only get wiser..

Annie and Rudy didn't get into any fights as I had them busy with their chew bones which had a squeaker in it.. their teeth were chopping away... and I sat and watched..

The sun did come out and it felt great coming through the windows but the air was a bit chilly and I made sure I had my flannel jacket on.. no way ..that wind was going through ya..

Talked with my Sister Alice's daughter Alice..and it was wonderful another door opens and we will get to visit..I plan on camping up where my other niece Theresa lives and pray that I see some of the other daughters as well..

Only has taken over 50 years well close to it.. just because of a situation my Sister had to live with.. our family was separated..shame she couldn't be alive to see this take place...but it is what it is ...and I always said, "God will show me the way and open doors for me"...so it is happening slowly..before I close my eyes...

Tomorrow I'm hoping I can at least make a trip into Winn Dixie...hahaha.. I'm a gonna try..that's for sure as I only need a few things..but I'd like to be able to get out..

Nothing great on TV in fact I was just talking away with Theresa after speaking with her sister Alice..and I didn't even let poor Shug out.. I'll have to make up for it cause she's gonna be mad at me..

So it's time for bed and I'm hardly keeping my eyes open... those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

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