Monday, January 26, 2015

UnREAL On Monday !!!!!!

Unreal on Monday !!!!....if only I could have stayed home or for that matter slept through this day.....

Woke up at 4am and then back to bed ..up again at 6am..and had my plans already in get the trash out..then I had to make a batch of muffins..
and here it where it starts...

Grabbed two boxes of Jiffy corn muffin mix.. it's really good and simple and no sense in making the old fashion ones when it's just for I gather all my stuff ..eggs and milk and the trusty Jiffy.. I open the boxes and look down into the bowl..What's that >>>??? these purple blue specks..HUH>>>????  I look at the box and both say "Corn Muffin"..however one is corn muffin and the other is blueberry ..hahaha..ok, that's ok, it's just me and I'll be will be different but then again I'm different ...LOL  So I mix it up bake it and they are good..

I fed the brats, and Ms Shug and then toasted my new designer muffins had my coffee and all is far ..then  get dressed and let my brats out...of course Miss Annie is having a hissy fit..too bad !!

Load those two crate pans in the car and head out..didn't have the receipt printed out because my printer wouldn't that means I need another printer..:( down the road I's windy as all get out.. I feel the wind moving me side to side..

Get to Petsmart and low and behold I get the exact same parking spot as I had the other day.. I get out and try to walk up ..the wind is whipping and I'm trying to hold those two (weightless) crate pans and walk with my cane.. I get inside and I feel like I was blown in..

The cashier says, "Are those returns".. I nodded..and she says," get in line".. so pleasant..and this early ????  So I stand in line till it's my time ...then she says, "Your receipt"  and I respond, "it's in my email and I was unable to print it out"..she looks at me and says, "Well, you have to have it"... I try to explain I already talked with a gentleman and told him my printer wouldn't print and he said, just bring in your phone and credit card..and that's what I did.. So I show her my email with the receipt ...and then she says, "Well, I will give you a store credit"...I looked at her and it just flowed out of my mouth..."Oh no! I want a credit on my credit card"  she shook her head.. and I then stepped it up a notch and said, "I'm calling Amex and I'll stop that charge completely" 

"I was mislead by that gent regarding the size of these crate pans when I explicitly asked for a 24x36 size and he said, "We have them"  when in fact you don't now or never I was given false information and I want my charge card credit for this amount ..and I want to see the manager "....she calls the manager over and I go through the whole thing... then he tells her..."give the lady the credit"...and I show her my phone.. she scans the  receipt and I tried to tell her .. "I was told you could do it by my phone number and print the receipt from that"... she was not a happy camper..

As I finished up I told her.."Well, you can rest assure I will not shop PetSmart ..that's not how to treat a she could really I leave and get into my car and Sam's club is across the road..

Head over to Sam's club as I needed a few things ..check out a printer..and couldn't find a help me and I really couldn't pick that printer up off the guess I'm not buying a printer today...go through the store and get all the things on my list and I'm gonna be out of here and home...stand in line again and there is a lady with a young boy in her cart hanging on the side..carrying on..

Mother was saying, "No! No! No! "  (sound familiar) and the boy was whining and it was making my skin crawl.. am I lucky or what.. couldn't wait to get out of this I'm looking at things and on the other side watching people and on the corner of my eye I see this boy pick this huge glass jug like bottle of pickles and next thing I see is him tossing them and 3 guesses where they landed..?????? You got it!!!  At Me, On Me, All don't the front of me and in my cart"... those big bulgy kind...OMG!  The smell over took me not alone the wet feeling and glass...

Holy Chit !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.. I went backwards as it crashed down and into my cart and the people behind me.. I heard them say, "oh no!"..the mother was screaming..."That's Not NICE"..."You Are REALLY BAD"  .. me I was gagging from the smell..and I know I heard some strange words come out of my mouth.. that rotten little kid.. I would have beat his ARSE...The cashier came running around and a few other people from out of no where.. I head the loud speaker going.. and before I realized it they were bringing me to sit down at a table.. one lady got some wet towels.. I had pickles on me...

I ask you, what did I ever do to have a week like this.. I mean, could I start my week over ?????   I don't know who it was ..but someone replaced everything I had in my cart and helped me to my car... don't even know what happened with that lady and her kid..  someone was saying about filling out an accident report... I could not wait to get out of there and get home..

I come home and Clancy was doing my yard.. he stopped and came over to the car to help me in with my stuff and says.."Wow, were you near pickles.."  ??? I am pickled.. for sure in fact I felt like getting PICKLED.. 

Came in and showered and changed my clothes..then just sat back and shook my head...then sat down on the computer and had to contact AVG tech support.. another event..but the guy helping me.. in a chat session did a great job.. thank goodness..

My day Sucked !.. and I'm so ready for it to be GONE...hope I don't dream about pickles...LOL  So that's my Adventure for today...I'm telling ya I should write a TV sitcom... I know it would be a great story.. and even win an award...A Jar Of Pickles...hahaha

So those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All...  

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