Saturday, May 31, 2014

A Little Rough Going On Saturday

A little rough going on Saturday... Zeke was trying to get on the bed at 3am.. I had to stop him.. I could hear him panting.. he was just so upset.. I walked him into the kitchen and gave him some water..then took him out to potty.. and he wanted back in the bedroom.. and I let him lay by the bed.. I feel so bad.. I know he wants to be close to me... so I leaned over and talked with him and then he started to lay down and calm down..

About 5am the critters got up and back into the front of the house we all went.. I realized my arm wasn't hurting as much.. thank goodness and I was gonna be taking that soon as I made breakfast..

Tried to get Zeke to eat breakfast and it was a no go...ugh, my heart sank.. he did drink water and so I figured maybe a little later he'll eat something.. can't make him eat..but I can give him things in his water..

The Brats weren't bad at all today..guess they know I'm on edge and you don't wanna make the wrong move with me.. I'm just not able to handle all this and me not being able to function and struggling.. OUCH!

Later on Zeke crawled (actually) across the other side of the living room where I was sitting and put his head on my lap.. now I have to tell you my eyes filled up so quickly I was over flowing... this just breaks my heart..

I also realized that my elbow wasn't throbbing and I could move it a little more ..oh man I wish I could give this to Zeke.. then I also realized I got up off the couch without the double try... Hey, I'm really gonna be moving.. and if this keeps up it will be for 5 wonderful days.. woo hoo..

Did a burger and French fries in my NuWave Cooking Oven.. loved the fact no heat in the kitchen little clean up and I didn't have to stand over a stove nor out in the heat on a grill.. comparing the Geo Foreman Grill..and this.. the GF grill cooks away a lot of the juices.. it's like steam cooked.. this air cooks you do lose fat as it drips out but you still have juice in the meat.. I'm still learning as I go along..joined a group that cooks with it so get the tips from them  not the infomercial.. cause that's the bunk !!!  I followed their recipe and was garbage...they fib!  well not exactly I think everything they do is with certain weights..but you buy in the store you don't find it that way... so it's the BUNK !!

Tonight Zeke was fussing.. he wants to much to be able to be on the bed.. I see his looks.. I'm praying for the big boy.. he's always my Hero.. he's fought his whole life with surgeries and illness.. and he's fighting now.. please keep us in your prayers..

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always... God Bless Us All..

PSSST.....Todd, Happy Birthday :)

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