Sunday, May 25, 2014

A Sweet Sunday :)

A sweet Sunday :) and Miss Annie let us all sleep in till 5:30am.. AMEN!... she's such a good girl.. but she does have her moments...LOL

Morning for us was busy as hubby was making another trip to Walmart.. that man of mine sure doesn't let the grass grow under his feet.. or should I say, "my tires".. any way..this time he made his notes on his IPhone.. so he wouldn't forget his list hahaha

Today was gonna be a busy one as well.. Did up the sweet potatoes and got them in the freezer and also shredded the chicken and that's in the freezer ..then on to the Rice and Veggies ..that's in the freezer.. oh yeah we was busy....

Then I put my NuWave Oven to work.. I did a London Broil in it.. now it was tasty ..but it was like baked in the oven ..a little different for us as we always grilled ours..but this was good.. I won't lie.. I still like it grilled but let me tell ya it tasted good and it was done medium rare like we like it.. and I have plently left for sandwiches..which is always good too..:)

However I still have to figure how to do the brownies right in this thing.. I've read where they say .."their's came out great" and I'm sure they did but I haven't gotten the nack just yet.. I followed exactly what they did..however mine were over baked on the sides and soft and thick like in the it could have been because I didn't mix it right without my hand mixer..

Tomorrow I'm gonna make BBQ Chicken in the NuWave..yep... need to get this gadget to work or why have it.. and pay so much for it.. DUH.. watching the infomercials are always the come ons..but from what I've heard from the group I just joined ..they say, "It does what it shows ya".. we'll see ....

Now I'm ready for bed and hubby and Critters are Zzzzzzzzzzz away.. so with that.. those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

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