Thursday, May 15, 2014

Ok, Ok...It Was A Restful Thursday :)

Ok, Ok...It was a restful Thursday :)  with a little interruption LOL... Last night was also a good night sleeping cept for the heavy down pour and Miss Annie and Rudy were up at 3:30am..again !!!  Like I said before, as long as I can get them back to bed and get a couple more hours in.. so be it till we finally get to sleep in longer ...someday ????? maybe???? pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

Morning again was a rush to get them fed by 7am to prepare for tomorrow's Dr visit where I have to leave the house and be gone for several hours..knowing a Doc never keeps appointments on time..HA!

While I was getting my chores done the phone rang and HELLO was the Doc's office calling for me to change my appointment..Here we go again !!..but this time they wanted me to come in at 9:30am...OK.. that will work out even better..

I'll not feed them breakfast and just give them a cookie till I get back and that will work out surprises I HOPE ! I'm all set for tomorrow..HOPEFULLY...

In the mean time we got a few showers.. more like blasts of heavy rain and boy the thunder and lightening..OUCH... and the ladies called to say, "Sorry, we'll see you in a few weeks"...UH OH ...all that cake..OH NO .. I'll give it to my neighbors...cause I sure can't or won't eat that amount of cake..OMG!!!

So my day was kind of a humdrum..with only one exception.. but I don't want to write about it cause it makes my stomach curl.. maybe some day but not today...

Watched the Big Bang Theory and kind of just leaned back.. didn't even log on the internet..oh but I did register my Annie on Petlink..took forever ..but got that done and now filling out her AKC papers..Lord have things changed since I did this..

Got everyone out and they are all in bed and snoring...boy Rudy is as bad as Zeke...and in 7 days hubby will be here.. thank goodness..I'll at least get a full day to myself..

So with that.. those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

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