Wednesday, May 28, 2014

I'm So Sad On This Wednesday

I'm so sad on this Wednesday... it didn't start off well.. but at least sleep came easily for all of us.. but wake up was nothing but more heart ache..

My boy Zeke has not been doing well.. he's not eating..but maybe a little biscuit and drinking water.. I watch as he pants.. and as he tried to get up.. his legs are really bothering him... From that fall he had a couple of days.. when Clancy had power washed the house and sprayed the screens.. Zeke ran out and jumped up on the door and flipped over backwards..

I thought he was ok.. maybe a little shaken as he got up and walked around.. hubby came down and Zeke was excited.. but I guess eventually the problem set in.. and now he's not doing well at all..

My arm has been throbbing like a tooth ache and as I called the Doctor to find out what the hell was wrong with me.. the nurse said, "Doc had left her a message ".. HELLO why didn't she call me with it"... any way it seems I have osteoarthritis in my elbow and that he will see me.. at 7:30am Friday Morning..

I could have come in Thursday at noon but I wouldn't have gotten out till after 4pm as they were squeezing me in.. so this way I'm in early and I can get back home..

My Zeke has just been laying around .. I'm giving him water and when I talked to the Vet I did discuss if he wasn't better I would bring him in.. so tomorrow with what happened tonight I will bring him in... don't know how I'll get him in the car.. but I will..

I have been so down I can't find my way back up.. I cried tonight on the couch.. knowing things are not good and I'm so helpless.. fell asleep for an hour woke up and talked with hubby. ..

I know hubby's right.. Zeke has been with me almost 10 years.. and Rotties really don't live long.. and with all that's happen to him I should be thankful I've had him as long as I've had... but again and too soon..

Just losing Miss Reba and now maybe Zeke... I can't help these hard feelings.. I am trying so hard to keep it together.. again I have to do what's right for my big boy..

It's like a big black cloud has just fallen down over me and my family.. I just pray this will lift and what ever I must do I can do..Please keep us in your prayers..

God Bless Us All..

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