Friday, May 23, 2014

A Very Tired Friday

A very tired Friday....and it really was... Hubby's plane was delayed in Philly and by the time the storms passed through he boarded almost at 11pm and got in close to 2:30am.. I was a nervous wreck for him.. I'm not great about storms to begin with and hearing the news about the Tornado Warnings and what was happening in Delaware..Ouch it wasn't a good night waiting and I'm sure for him it wasn't a great feeling flying either..

When hubby arrived the critters woke and it was like the 4th of July .. I mean it took about a half hour to calm all down and then to try and sleep wasn't easy for him or me.. so when Miss Annie yodeled it was like.. OH NO PUHLEZZZZZZZZ..but up I got and hubby finally fell asleep..

So it was trying to keep the brats quiet..OH MY STARS ...not a easy thing to do..but for some reason they only played till 6:30am and then settled down.. I felt like I was in a fog.. from when I got up till most the day...and did the day drag.....

I had made the pancakes and sausage up so that was a easy throw together with the exception of some "eggs over easy".. and breakfast was done.. then it was lay on the attempt to get over the fog in the brain feeling.

Hubby decided he needed to get a few things at off he went..God Bless that man.. I couldn't even get my head together much less attempt to be out and about.. so while he did that .. and picked up a few things for me.. I proceeded to get our lunch/early dinner together..

Used the NuWave Oven too.. made French Fries and had steak neither one of us wanting anything heavy...even checked a few things out on YouTube using it.. almost made a pan of brownies..hahaha.. but that's gonna be tomorrow.. we both decided on that..

Then tonight we just leaned back and let the brats entertain us.. LOL  they do a great job too.. and even wait for applauds..Miss Annie was really good today so I figure it's gonna run out and be prepared for tomorrow.. hahaha..

So now it's bed time and I can't wait.. it takes me a few days to bounce back from worrying and not sleeping.. and tomorrow we are just gonna break down a few of the boxes I've collected and start getting the dog room in shape.. I have lots of things I need to give to the Vet's office to give to someone in need as I have 1 1/2 dozen diapers from Ms Reba.. I know I'm gonna feel it in my heart ..I so miss that gal ..

Well, it's that time and I'm running into a snag..called brain freeze..LOL  Those traveling Stay Safe and as always... God Bless Us All..

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