Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Not Tooting Too Much On Tuesday

Not Tooting too much on Tuesday... my day didn't start off great although Miss Annie did sleep through however my arm was aching most the night.. still don't know what I did or how I did.. so today as I go to the Vets with Annie and Zeke I'll call the Doc when I get back home....

Robert is heading back to Philly too.. so it's a bummer but he's been such great help and am sure gonna miss him.. but as he says, "he'll be back in just about 5 weeks .. actually flying down on the 4th of July... and then we'll head back to Philly after we close up the house..

Went to the Vets and Miss Annie done gained a few pounds LOL 37.5..she's growing and she also got her Rabbies vaccine as well.. and Zeke had his chest Xray and not showing any signs of fluid around the heart or a (what they call) Pumpkin Heart.. although he was having problems with his hips.. He had a fall a few days ago where he slipped as he was jumping up.. the floor was wet from where Clancy had power washed the house..

Got back home and hubby was leaving.. then called the Doc.. next thing I know the Imagining place called me to tell me to come on in.. so got the critters taken care of and in I drove...couldn't put my seat belt on as I can't snap it.. my arm is so weak..

Took several Xrays and then they let me go after they were read and faxed to the Doc... I then called his office and the nurse said, "he'd be intouch.."..oh my .. waited all day and evening.. so I'm guessing it's not broke or I would have heard from him..

Manage to get critters fed but Zeke wasn't eating.. and again that always worries me... hope he's some what better tomorrow or you know I'll be calling the Vet again..

Now my arm is aching and typing with one hand is some what difficult.. so it's good night from me now.. those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

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