Sunday, June 1, 2014

What A Heavy Sunday

What a heavy Sunday.. one I hope to never repeat..not in this life time...Got up at 3am with Zeke as he was breathing heavy at the end of my bed... that's where he always would jump up from and I guess it was so difficult for him that he was panting.. I heard that sound and woke immediately..

Gave him a big hug and he was wanting to go out.. so had to help him up and had the heavy leash so I could guide and control his movements better..We went out and this boy is so wonderful.. he was not well and he was worried about doing it in the house..  I cleaned him up and we came back in.. he went and laid near the couch .

The brats heard us (of course ) and up they got and then they went out.. and next all of us were up in the living room.. they did lay down for a bit.. and even Ms Shug too a looksee from the bottom of her cage.. lifting her cover..

The alarm went off for Zeke's 6am pills and mine too.. and then I lay back on the couch to listen to the news the phone rang a little after 7am and it was John of the fighting duo... and I had some nasty words with him a couple of weeks ago so we hadn't been talking..

Heard him say,"Help Me, I've had a bad fall of Jane's porch and I can't get anyone to answer to help me"... I immediately said, "I'll be right there".. now I wanted to call 911, but I wasn't sure of the address nor what his condition was... but as I drove out my driveway I was calling Rick who lives a couple of blocks away from Jane.. and thank goodness he answered and he just had to get dressed and be there in a few minutes..

I arrived and Rick was there.. John was laying on his side on the ground and looking Gray.. WOW  I Rick not to move John at all.. and I was calling 911.. the dispatch was asking me questions and next I heard the sirens.. didn't take them but maybe 10 minutes if that..

I then called Jane and told her to get home.. she was in Orlando with her cousin.. and I had to have Rick drive down and pick her up.. so that was on it's way to be done... later I got a call and John has 6 broken ribs 2 broke in half and 4 broken in several places... he is now in Intensive Care..

All that going on most day kept my mind busy and my big boy Zeke is not doing well... he's not eating and can barely move.. I will be calling the Vet tomorrow and I've had such a heavy heart all day as I know I have to let my big guy go.. if the Doc can't do anything for him.. Zeke just can't go through another surgery... I won't let him.. he's had enough in his life..

He has and is my Hero.. this boy has been with me in some very hard times and helped me get up .. grabbed the phone for me when I have fallen.. even when I had staples in me and unable to manage well.. like sitting on the toilet and trying to get up.. he came up to me .. I'd grab on his collar and he'd back up and PULL ME UP !... When breakfast and dinner for the critters was served and they all finished their food.. Big Boy would go in and collect their dishes and bring them too me... there wasn't much that Zeke wouldn't do for me or try it ..

He's my Hero.. even to the last when Clancy was at the screen door.. Zeke came running and jumped up.. slipped and went over backward.. this is what has caused his condition.. and so sad to say his end.. he was protecting me ..

Clancy doesn't even know I haven't said anything .. as he didn't even realized by spraying my screens the floor was wet and slippery.. and neither did I.. I'm so sick over this...

Then tonight I told my hubby,  now I know why .. what happened to me with my Arm .. I'm taking pred and my legs and knees aren't bothering me I can move without pain.. and here I am picking Zeke up and balancing him with my legs as well.. for every wrong there is a right that comes out of it "..

Tonight is going to be my longest night.. only one thing .. I know he will know longer suffer and he'll meet up with Joseph, Abby and Ms Reba.. and the rest of the crew... I will miss this big boy of mine..  but I will pray that maybe the Doc can do something for him... but no more surgeries.. he's gone through too much in his life... no more suffering.. I love him too much..

So my friends.. those traveling Stay Safe and as always.. God Bless Us All

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