Friday, May 16, 2014

Doctor Day On Friday

Doctor day on Friday...and I was glad they called to change my time too.. Last night Miss Annie slept thru to 4:45am...yeah.. we is getting better and up we all got...and I decided I wasn't gonna give them breakfast till I got back..

The tree man also showed up as well...OH JOY...but I did give the critters two large biscuits and out the door I went.. got to the Doc's office and they took me in right away...well I thought this is wonderful..however I didn't get seen for an hour later and then by the time I left it was 11:30am...yep, 2 hours later..oh home and everyone was soooooo good !!!

Let everyone out and fixed lunch but decided I'd give them another big biscuit and just feed them dinner later on..and they gobbled that cookie so fast I could see the dust spew out their mouths  hahaha..

Tree guy finish late in the afternoon and then called me out there to show me the tree in the back, the one I had him look at and he said, "Sorry lady, this one is bad and it's cracked almost all the way down.. it's gonna come down with strong winds"... now I could hear the next line.. yep, it's gonna cost 600 bucks but because I just spent 1200..he'll give me a break and only charge me 400...

There goes my windows I wanted to put in.. but I can't deal with this tree falling on my house either..not with this insurance in Florida.. and also this isn't my tree but they won't pay to have it done.. so now he'll come back next week and chop that baby down most of the way..

Did I tell you I was having a good day ???  well I was till I came home.. anyway the Doc was pleased with my numbers and took me off Zetia as it's been now noted to cause cancer..and he upped my Crestor to 40mgs..

I kind of dragged most the day still gasping from what a friend did yesterday.. they skated out of paying over 100K in credit card bills by filing chapter 7...and are thrilled.. I'm sure they are..but you know they were gonna do this any way cause they just totally didn't give a rats patootie on paying any bills .. business is not great yet they continued to spend and charge... I'm so pissed I just can't even go into the fraud they pulled ...

Always someone pulling a fast one.. and those that struggle to make ends meet to pay their bills.. oh well, I'm getting ticked again.. just need my space from these people..

Now I'm tired and gonna call hubby to say, "Good Night"...with that..those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

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