Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Holy Smokes It's Tuesday

Holy Smokes it's Tuesday already... can't believe soon hubby will be here..but I'm glad.. I need the break even if it's just a couple of days..

Last night was good..Miss Annie is settled into her 3:30am wake up but I can get her to go back to bed cause I know Rudy is always willin to please..it's Miss Annie who's the stubborn one...

Woke up for the second time and I had a lot of things to get done..still do but at least I'm half way there..didn't go any place as I will make my dash out on Thursday ..I'm out of Cola and that is hubby's drink..without that I'm afraid he'd go in withdrawls..hahaha

No phone calls today and that was so nice.. I mean no one bickering a bunch of bull crap..I did here from Jane..her usual as she's driving she gets bored and HELLO THERE...but I have to let her know I can't talk all day.. cause she'd want too as she had so many hours to drive..

I'm gonna also start to break down things in the house that will be coming back as the 2nd week of July we'll be heading back home ..so if I get a good head start when hubby flies in ..we won't be running crazy as most of what I need to go back will be put in boxes..(see that's why I always have boxes ) LOL

Most my day was pretty decent the brats did let me get in a nap..thank goodness and they were really good this evening..again thank goodness..

Watching the Voice and I do hope that Jake the country boy wins..but Josh is also darn good too...oh well..

Here comes the announcement...winner is  Josh... like I said, "he was darn good"...but I know that boy Jake will do well in country music..

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

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