Saturday, May 24, 2014

Up And About On Saturday

Up and about on Saturday.. and Miss Annie let me sleep through.. well all of us.. she was so good I knew I was in for more action  LOL..

Morning we all were in tune and just buzzing along. Critters were ready to prove they were gonna act like "Angels"... well that was a good thought but really they weren't too bad today..

Hubby did his morning run to Walmart.. honestly that man knows what's best to keep "domestic tranquility".. hahaha.. but he did and when he came back he said, "Ya know I know I missed something".. HUH?????  yep !  his list was left home and so what he went for he only got a few things.. so guess what..he's going back tomorrow..hahaha.. well if that's what makes his day.. So Be It !!!

Most of the day it was get things done for when he'll be coming back in July which by the way is not that long away that means I have to put the pedal to the medal and get stuff done !!!

Start to keep track of what needs to go out and what needs to stay.. and the critter food situation.. decided I'm not gonna change anything right now.. cause all is going smoothly..

Zeke was a little off kilter this morning..and as you all know that always gets me worried... but he goes to the vets on Tuesday and we get those tests run.. however, I really hope and pray he'll be ok..

Today or should I say, "tonight, we tried baking in the NuWave Oven.. hahaha.. well it did smell heavenly .. and brownies were what was happening.. but I did follow the video and I have to tell ya.. 42 minutes was toooooooo long.. they were over baked on the outside and in the inside were gooey.. and the brownie itself seems too heavy or thick.. not sure why.. but I did join the site on Face Book to find out why..

I'm doing a London Broil tomorrow for dinner.. read where someone was talking about how delish it came out.. so I haven't had one for awhile.. and tomorrow is the day...

Other than that we just enjoyed our laughs and critters antics.. and Ms Shug was in heaven with her Man LOL.. too funny..

So those traveling Stay Safe and as always  God Bless Us All..

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