Saturday, May 17, 2014

Getting Things Straight On Saturday

Getting things straight on Saturday...and it was so needed !...

Morning was not to bad, and of course Miss Annie is (hopefully) getting into the routine...Lord I sure hope so !... and we all were up at 4:30am.. Rudy and Annie played hard till 6:45am.. and then they fell out.. Great Day in the Morning !!!

Of course they did to their rather unique challenges.. like running around with the dremmel.. I guess Miss Annie figured she could just trip Rudy's nails.. I didn't know that she got it.. and it had to be Rudy to grab it off the counter..HUH...but that he did... and she took it from there.. then I'm hearing this buzzing sound.. What the ????  so I get up to track those two villains down and there she be.. laying down with the dremmel on the floor and it's on.. (it's a portable ..did you think she plugged it in LOL )

So I grabbed that up and again she took off for something else to grab.. and Rudy right behind her..they are really bad together... you have to be on your feet constantly cause they always get something.. and it's really different each day...LOL 

Then I got a call from Clancy to come over and power wash the house and then in the mean time he said.."the guys that did the tree broke his sprinkle head".. wonderful so I told him I'd call them.. and that I did... and by the looks of it.. Jack told me that it was broke when they checked the lines.. so it looks it's gonna be me that pays for it..

When Clancy got done power washing the house I had to have a talk with him cause I know he was still hurt about me not using him to do my yard work..but I tried to explain I could not afford 30 bucks an hour.. and although he feels with two people they'd get done and it would balance out.. it didn't from the time I used him .. 5 hours work which should have been with two people 10 hours work ...and it wasn't.. I asked him to quote me a price for the yard.. and we'd go from there..

So we had a good talk, and got a few things straightened out.. I don't try to cheat anyone..but I don't want to be ripped off either.. I have a good size yard and most lawn people charge by the job not the hour.. so Clancy and I settled our differences and he'll do the yard himself..

Clancy is a good worker and I've not been unhappy with his work.. and I do realize that Clancy is trying to help out his friends or who works with him..but if you are doing a lawn business, as far as what I'm use to up north.. it's by the job not the hour..

Was glad we talked as I know he felt I did him in.. which is no way my intentions..he did a great job on my house he always there is peace in the valley tonight..cepting my two brats.!

Got in a nap this afternoon and boy I needed it.. lately I've been just dragging..always having to get things picked up and run after those two...

Checked my calendar and as of tomorrow it's 5 more days and hubby will be here...thank goodness...then after that it will be start to sort out what I'm taking back with me..cause in July we'll be taking that long drive home and to the grind of getting all those tests done...OMG.. hate the thought of it..

With that.. I'm ready for bed and my critters are all tucked in...those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

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