Sunday, May 18, 2014

A Good Day Sunday

A good day Sunday.. thank goodness and my night was decent with a little wake up at 3:30am and then we all went back for a couple more hours.. and as always.. Sunday is my sorting of the pills of life.. and so I get to live another week LOL..

Rudy and Annie enjoy their wrestling match and stop around 7am.. time out I call it..get their drink of water and then fall out.. which then gives me a little break too... or should I say, "A breather"...and pick up the mess left behind.. I think I've thrown the last toy out.. :)

Today was really a catch up on things I had to make up for the freezer so I don't have to be standing at the stove.. I always did this when I was traveling and it always comes in handy..

Also it was clean the frig and that is always a surprise.. I had enough goodies in their and made a Nacho Bell Grande for dinner...worked out great .. Now to hall all this junk out to the curb tomorrow..LOL

Had to make a run to Sparrs.. really liking that place .. and picked up a crate for Miss Annie.. as the one I have in the van is now to got that done and also picked up some more biscuits.. then dropped by Jane's house to give her the other crate .. and she gave me a really nice pad for Miss Annie..

Got home and the critters were waiting for their LUNCH.. LOL yep, out came those biscuits.. and as fast as I give them.. they is gone !!!  don't even know if they new what they just ate..LOL

The critters took their nap around 3pm and so did I.. boy that was good now tomorrow I've got the tree guy coming to take down the last one.. and hope and pray no more cause I'm broke !!!!

Ready for bed and got my laundry basket by the door so when I take the critters out I can load the washer and get that going.. need to also go into town and pick up a few things for hubby.. like his Cola.. can't be without that LOL..

I'll make a pan of Lasagna for Saturday as I have made gravy and I've got plenty in the freezer.. in fact my freezer is ready to burp..LOL..

With that I'm gonna say...Those traveling stay safe and as always..God Bless Us All..

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