Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Winging It Through On Wednesday

Winging it through on Wednesday... I'll say... Morning was my usual now as it seems..Up at 3:30am and pray we go back to bed until at least 5:30am if not pray for a Nap some time in the afternoon..:)

So it begun and the rest followed through..hahaha.. well that's how it does seem.. I mean as hard as I try things don't always fall they way I would like.. but I go along with the flow and work around all the interruptions and surprises..

Tried to get a few more things done as Hubby will be here tomorrow night .. I'll try to stay up..but I ain't promising nuttin'... in fact tonight as I was watching Survivor I fell into a deep sleep and woke up at the end.. HUH.. but good thing I recorded it cause I'll have to catch it tomorrow..

This afternoon I got a hankering for Onion Soup.. so I had the onions.. and the rest fell right in.. yes, I even had beef broth..that lucked out as I was gonna make a pot that will come later on... so I picked up my Crock Pot and tried another type of Onion soup.. this was easy as one two three..

While it was cooking my oh my the aroma in the air was heavenly.. and I'll have to tell ya .. this was pretty darn good.. now not like the intense one you do on the stove ..but this was...."EASY"  and got the good results.. Yes, I'll make it again..:)

The brats played hard but as the day progressed they settled down..and they are getting better but wow can they wreck a room.. Miss Annie has her quirps while Rudy is such a sweet heart..he just loves to be cuddled..but boy he's so strong and doesn't even realize his power...but Miss Annie..she's now a "Don't take any Chit"  and goes for the GUSTO !

Towards evening after dinner as I do every night we sit out in the carport..and I noticed ..Miss Annie can't fit on the step..LOL  yep !  She done grown again..

Ok, I'm ready for bed as I stayed up to watch (I thought) Survivor..but I'll have to watch it tomorrow..hahaha... Those Traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

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