Friday, May 30, 2014

Thank Goodness It's Friday

Thank goodness it's Friday.... and I really mean that.. I had the worst night with my arm aching like a constant tooth ache matter where I placed it it throbbed... and Miss Annie slept through till 5am .. amazing.. although me and Zeke were up at 3am.. he couldn't sleep well either.. he was on the floor and wanted so much to be up in his spot in, well I just couldn't find a place that I could get my arm to rest..

Up we got and I hustled and popped them Tylenol and got Zeke out and then the brats.. they started to play and I let them go... as come 7am I was gonna pop all of them in crates and head out on that highway...I need to know what the hell is going on..

Arrived at 7:15am.. and went into the office.. Doc came in and I was the 2nd one to go in.. He came in and just shook his head and said, "Guess you just wanted to see me again before you went home".. Sure !!!..

He checked my arm out and checked the range of movement I have.. and I told him ..."today, I have a little more than yesterday" .. he knows I don't baby myself.. it hurts but I have to deal with it.. I can't just sit back....I've got critters that need to be taken care of..

Then he also said, "I do think this is more than arthritis, I believe it may be also Gout".. HUH>>>>????  Oh lord what now... but he explained to me because I'm on Lasix for such a long time ...that is one of the benefits  I receive..

Now I looked up at him (tall doc) and shook my head and said.."Doc, I take Statins which gave me Fatty Liver, and Fosamax which gave me a jaw disease and now I pee and I get Gout ?....What the hell next "  .? 

He bust out laughing.. and we both then just shook our heads.. He was going to give me a shot of cortisone...but then said, "you've got enough pain, I'll give you some pred..take it for 5 days..."  

I have to get a blood test to see if that is what is my problem as the Uric Acid will show in my blood.. in the mean time I'm here still not being able to brush my hair .. that sucks.. I looked wind blown.. or better yet.. BED HAIR !!

Got back to the house and boy the critters were anxious.. fed them breakfast.. Zeke didn't eat.. but he did eat a lunch biscuit.. and then later tonight I mixed some of Ms Reba's food that I had in the freezer in with his and he gobbled it up.

Hopefully once this Tylenol kicks in I'll get some sleep.. so with that.. Those traveling Stay Safe and as always...God Bless Us All.

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